Donald Trump Says He’s Running Against Two Parties [VIDEO]

The Republican Party should be punished for making the winner of the primaries run against two parties and giving Hillary Clinton an advantage.

I am glad Donald Trump admits he is running against two parties because it is true.

I’m especially appalled by Senator Mike Lee who I have considered in the past to be one of the better Senators. His loyalty to his friend, Ted Cruz, is laudable. But sermonizing on the Constitution to undermine the record-breaking Republican primary winner while we are threatened by a Hillary Clinton presidency is just gross. And what about Ted Cruz. He once said it was all about beating Hillary Clinton. How does his ongoing refusal to honor his pledge to support to Republican nominee fit into that mission statement?

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It doesn’t. It helps Hillary Clinton become President of the United States. Donald Trump is absolutely right. He is running against two parties. But that means Hillary Clinton is running with the support of both parties. This doesn’t surprise me at all in the case of Neocons and the Republican establishment. But it shocks me that we’re getting the same behavior from conservative Constitutionalists.

I’m sure Ted Cruz feels bad that Donald Trump beat him. It is not that he did badly! As American Vision writer Joel McDurmon writes about Cruz in Indiana, he did quite well. It just that Trump did better:

Consider these numbers: accord to the New York Times’s count, Ted Cruz drew 404,327 votes in this Indiana primary. What you may not realize it that that’s almost more than Romney drew (410,635) as the hand’s-down winner in 2012. It’s 84,000 (or 26%) more than McCain won Indiana with in 2008. In fact, Cruz had more votes in Indiana than any previous winner of that primary except for the almost statistically-irrelevant difference with Romney.

Now, this kind of gives Cruz his due, whatever that may be. In any normal Republican primary, these numbers would clearly have made him the frontrunner and winner in Indiana—in all other cases, by a landslide. But there’s the point. This is not a normal primary. These tremendous numbers in favor of Cruz in reality only serve as a back-drop for the even more impressive public appeal of Donald Trump.

Why? Because on top of the normally-sweeping performance of Ted Cruz’s impressive 404k votes, Donald Trump drew a whopping 587,706.

Considering that usually more Republican voters come out to vote for a national election than in a primary, Trump could get more than double the usual number of votes.

So why is Cruz not doing all he can to make that happen? Why are he and others working to take away Donald Trump’s advantage? Why are they focusing on Trump’s real or imagined problems over Hillary’s?

If Donald Trump loses, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan will be sure to blame him. But they made him run against two parties. They will have willfully given us over into the grasp of President Clinton.

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