Donald Trump “Dominates” in Mexico – Could this be His Turning Point?

Donald Trump travelled to Mexico earlier this week to meet with President Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss a range of issues dealing with our shared border. By all accounts the meeting went well, and both sides felt the talks were productive, but back here in the states the meeting sounded a far more important note for the Trump campaign. The jaunt to Mexico served as proof that Trump could most certainly navigate the tension-filled waters of international politics, with some pundits noting that he excelled on his trip to Mexico.

Liberal “journalist” Jorge Ramos is no Trump fan, but even he had to notice that Mr. Trump had his way with Mexico’s president. Ramos called the Mexican leader “meek” but argued that voters would not treat Trump with such kid gloves.

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Peña Nieto was not ready for Trump. His indirect public statements after the meeting were weak and insufficient. He needed a big, defining moment confronting Trump to change the narrative of his failing presidency. However, he couldn’t pull it off. He is the loser. Again.

On Fox News, pundit Charles Krauthammer went so far as to say that Trump “DOMINATED” the conversation and proved Hillary Clinton wrong about Trump’s temperament.

Chris Wallace: Charles, it seems to me that Trump was taking quite a risk today holding this meeting with the Mexican President with so little preparation. Pena Nieto could have roasted him, but in fact, it was respectful, it was diplomatic, and it put Trump on the international stage. Do you think it will help him?

Charles Krauthammer: Yes. He took a risk and he pulled it off. Look, the big negative about Trump, the thing that the Clinton campaign plays on, is the fact that it’s hard to imagine him as president. Being presidential is a thing he’s been trying to do. His staff has been trying to get from him for the last six months.

Now here he is, standing on the world stage, with a world leader. This is a big step. He not only held his own, I think in some ways he sort of dominated. The Mexican President was rather defensive, asking for respect. Trump, I thought, spoke well. And then if you noticed at the very end when they took questions, it was Trump who took charge. He is sitting in the palace of the president of Mexico. This never happens. Normally, it’s the host who picks the journalists. Trump took charge, naturally, walked off the stage as the dominant guy. He pulled it off. I think he really helped himself.

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