Donald Trump has Dinner with His Family – Media Flips Out!


If this is an indication of how Donald Trump is going to run the country… not only did he go out for dinner with his kids, he probably paid for his children also! OMG!

On Tuesday evening, that mean Donald Trump ditched his press coverage and went to dinner at the Famous New York steak house (and former Speakeasy) the 21 Club. He walked in to a standing “o” from the eatery’s patrons.

The press was not invited, they were waiting at Trump Tower as he escaped through a back entrance.

Apparently at a quarter after six they were told by SPOX Hope Hicks that the president-elect was done for the day, he would not be leaving Trump Tower for the rest of the night. But at 7:30PM Mr. Trump had the horrible nerve to gather up his wife, his four grown up children with their respective partners, and left the building though a back exit and with at least a dozen vehicles and an ambulance went for a steak dinner.

In fact, the media only found out because a Bloomberg reporter who happened to be eating at the 21 Club took a picture of him as he entered the restaurant…

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