Donald Trump Comes Out of the Establishment Closet in Vegas Speech

“If it came down to Trump or Cruz, there is no question I’d vote for Trump.”

Can you guess who said that? No, it wasn’t one of Trump’s supporters, or even a conservative. It was a long-time member of the establishment. Still blanking? It was Rudy Giuliani. He’s not the only one either. A number of establishment Republicans are falling in line behind Donald Trump. Why? Because they have no other option.

Congressman Peter King, who holds a 33% Liberty Rating from Conservative Review, tells it just like Giuliani:

“Between Trump and Cruz, it’s not even close.”

As their favored candidates have fallen one by one (Bush, Christie, Kasich, Rubio–all polling badly), the establishment has had to make a decision. Go with the bombastic business mogul whom they dislike, or the senator whom they despise? Once it comes down to that, it’s an easy pick.

Two things have led us to this peculiar situation. First, the insiders in Washington hate Ted Cruz. He’s the antithesis of what Washington is; he’s a man who wants to fundamentally break the good old boys club. The boys like their cushy club, as well as the power that comes with it; they would sooner die than let it go. Second, although Trump is an aggressive and erratic candidate, the cartel sees him as malleable.

National Review quotes a Republican insider who says Trump is preferable to Cruz because of his malleability:

“The developing feeling among House Republicans? Donald Trump is preferable to Ted Cruz. ‘If you look at Trump’s actual policies, they’re pretty thin. There’s not a lot of meat there,’ says one Republican member in Ryan’s inner circle…If Trump were to get the nomination, he would ‘be looking to answer the question: ‘Where’s the beef?’ And we will have that for him,’ says the member.”

Even former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole prefers Trump to Cruz, saying:

“Nobody likes [Cruz]…I question his allegiance to the party…[Donald Trump could] probably work with Congress, because he’s, you know, he’s got the right personality and he’s kind of a deal-maker.”

Bob Dole also disliked Reagan, as Red State’s Erick Erickson notes:

“Dole feared Reagan would cause substantial losses for the GOP. In fact, Dole was so terrified of what Reagan would do to the GOP that in March of 1980, as Reagan was on course to secure the GOP’s nomination, Dole publicly and privately urged former President Gerald Ford to get into the race to stop Reagan.”

Side note–Dole lost the ’96 election 40% to 49%.

This movement is gaining steam in Washington. Their mantra? Remember who the real enemy is–Cruz.

The Washington Post reports:

“In private, some veteran conservative Republicans have been reaching out to Trump. And Trump himself called the ultimate establishment figure in Washington, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, for a talk late last year.”

Trump seems to be getting a little cocky. Now that he has a conservative anchor in Sarah Palin, Trump is feeling open to speak truthfully, telling a crowd in Las Vegas:

“And you know what? There’s a point at which–let’s get to be a little establishment. We gotta get things done folks, OK? Believe me, don’t worry, we’re gonna make such great deals…You know in the old days, Ronald Reagan…would get along with Tip O’Neil. And they’d sit down. And they’d make great deals for everybody. That’s what the country’s about, really, isn’t it? I mean we can all be tough but you know at some point we gotta get our country back on track.”

Straight from the horses mouth. We can all be tough, but when the time comes, we need to be a little establishment. Slowly but surely, Trump is coming out of the closet, and Washington is coming around to a Trump candidacy.

Washington is terrified of Ted Cruz, so they’re bailing out to the only option they have left, and that’s Donald Trump. They see him as malleable, as someone with the potential to be a gold star member of the good old boys.

All they see when they look at Ted Cruz is the truth, and it scares them to death.

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