This is How the Donald Trump Candidacy Threatens the Left

The Dartmouth response to the Black Lives Matter incident shows what’s at stake in the Donald Trump candidacy.

The Donald Trump candidacy has implications that go far beyond the debate over what his policies will be. He signifies defiance of the means by which the Left dominates many areas. The recent decision of Dartmouth University illustrates the point.

Breitbart reports,

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Dartmouth University’s Alumni Relations department has concluded that no student will be punished for the Black Lives Matter incident last year, where activists stormed a library on campus and hurled racial abuse at students.

In November it was reported that a 150-person strong group of BLM protesters stormed the campus study space, screaming racially motivated chants such as, “Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!”, “Fuck you and your comfort!”, and “Fuck you, you racist shits!” One girl was even reported to have been pinned by protesters against a wall, who allegedly shouted “filthy white bitch” in her face. Vice Provost for Student Affairs Ing-Lise Ameer defended the protesters’ actions shortly after, claiming that the violent demonstration “needed to be done.”

Try to imagine Dartmouth University or any other institution of alleged “higher education” in this country reacting the same way if the races in this incident were reversed. If a group of white students did this, it would be national headline news! Punishment would be severe!

The Left has got us culturally programmed to give away the moral high ground and give it to the Left. That’s why it is considered perfectly normal to overlook the many allegations against Bill Clinton while making a big deal of Donald Trump’s alleged “misogyny.”

Conservatives can usually be counted on to bow to this double standard. They apologize and reward the Left for making accusations. So the Left makes more of them.

But Donald Trump never apologizes for anything!

This characteristic is a liability in many circumstances, but it may also be the reason why so many people have chosen him to be the Republican nominee.

Consider this Canadian conservative analyzing how the Left pretended a conservative criticizing Leftist fiscal policy was actually an act of misogyny. They used this imagined sin to evade the content of what the conservative was saying and turn it into an accusation against him. Conservatives helped Leftists do this by apologizing.

Five minutes in, she compares what Conservatives are doing wrong in Canada with the Donald Trump candidacy. Whether you like or loathe Trump, she says, you have to admit that he is able “to neuter his critics by never conceding any power or giving any relevance to hurt feelings.”

If the people begin to openly adopt Trump’s method of dealing with the Left, much of their power goes up in smoke.

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