Donald Trump Assassinated? MUST SEE: Why It Would Be No Surprise

A Canadian conservative lays out a case that someone might have Donald Trump assassinated.

While Ezra Levant is clear he has no evidence of a plot to have Donald Trump assassinated, he does make a compelling case. I highly recommend this video:

While having no direct evidence of a plan to kill Donald Trump, Levant does make a solid case that such a plot would not be surprising. After all, such a plan has already been discovered and stopped. While the attempt was a long shot, it was obviously motivated by the constant message put out by a Trump-hating media. Indeed, for a while Republicans were portraying Trump as the one who was likely to use or instigate violence, ignoring the violence from the other side. The media and Democrat politicians at least passively legitimized violence against Trump supporters.

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This is what Levant argues toward the end of his case. The media and social media have promoted murderous hatred for Trump, using rhetoric that suggests it would be good to have Donald Trump assassinated.

But the first part of Levant’s argument is even more compelling. Regimes that are known supporters of terrorism have invested billions of dollars in Hillary Clinton. If she was running against an establishment Republican, that wouldn’t mean much. But with a populist outsider like Donald Trump looking like he might defeat her, the stakes are high. People who are known for having no problem killing their enemies cannot be expected to have any moral quibbles against assassinating Donald Trump.

And what about a billionaire who is a known supporter of violent regime change in other countries?

The main reason such groups would not want to attempt an assassination cannot be their ethics. They don’t seem restrained by such considerations. It would only be fear of getting caught and exposed.

But, as I’ve already pointed out, the media is working hard to make sure as many people as possible would approve of Donald Trump’s assassination.

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