Donald Trump to Ask Foreign Governments to Investigate the Clinton Foundation!

Despite what the Trump transition and mainstream media may be telling you the investigation into Hillary Clinton is not over. It’s just evolving. The FBI is still investigating the pay for play activity of the Clinton Foundation, and the Trump team is asking other countries to help.

Sources inside the transition team told the The NY Post the new administration plans instruct the US ambassadors it will appoint to  suggest to foreign governments they probe the Clinton foundation financial dealings.

“Haiti and Colombia will be key diplomatic posts for this ­because of all the money ­involved,” said the source.

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In Haiti, recently leaked ­e-mails indicate “Friends of Bill” Clinton may have been given priority from the State Department as it prepared to spend some $10 billion in aid after a devastating earthquake hit the country in 2010. The State Department has denied any special treatment.

Haiti may have the most reasons to aid in the investigations. After that horrible 7.0 magnitude earthquake in January 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband, Clinton Foundation Chief/ former POTUS Bubba visited Haiti just a few days after the devastation occurred. Both promised to help Haiti rebuild. In fact, Bill was named the UN special envoy to Haiti and in conjunction with his Secretary of State wife controlled billions of dollars of contracts awarded by the State Department to rebuild Haiti. “Coincidentally” many of those companies who got one of those lucrative State Dept. contracts to help rebuild Haiti,  also “just happened to” give large donations to the Clinton Foundation.

For example, there was the Haitian Mobile Money Initiative a system developed to allow Haitians to transfer money via cell phones after the That contract was awarded to a company called Digicel who earned more than $50 million in Haiti. The company is run by Irish billionaire who set-up high-paying speeches for Bill Clinton and donated millions of his own money to the Clinton Foundation.

One program put in place to enable Haiti to raise needed capital by exploiting the country’s mineral resources…

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