Fox News “Expert” Responds After Trump Accuses George Stephanopoulos of Bias [VIDEO]

Donald Trump accuses the former Clinton White House staffer of being biased, but Judy Miller seems even more biased.

When Donald Trump accuses someone in the media of bias, it is weird seeing someone else in the media take the side of the media as if there is no doubt about her own neutrality.

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Judy Miller is right that it is no secret that George Stephanopoulos was a Clintonista, covering for the egregious actions of the President. And Kudos for her for bringing up his “accidental” contributions to the Clinton slush fund.

But there are millennial voters who may not have gotten the memo. Young, first-time voters may indeed have been watching the interview and may have learned what they hadn’t heard yet: that Trump was being interrogated by a former member of the Clinton White House. Yes, Trump may have exaggerated the point, but it was not unreasonable for him to make the point and make it memorable.

Judy Miller is being much more blind when she claims that Donald Trump shouldn’t complain about the media because he has massively benefited from “two billion dollars” worth of media coverage. Miller acts as if the media is a public service. No; it’s a for-profit business. The media didn’t cover Trump because they like him. They covered him because he got the good ratings. If it hadn’t been for Donald Trump being in the race, ranting at the media or at other candidates, the whole thing would have been boring to most people. Their only viewers would have been those who are passionately interested in the political circus. Just as Trump brought new voters into the primaries, he brought new viewers to the media. It was an even trade.

I don’t know if Trump should reveal his tax returns or not but I’d like to see the matter discussed in a debate format rather than being “settled” by a media “analyst.”

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