How Donald Can Stop the “Dump Trump” Campaign

“The Observer” ran a 327 word piece by Walker Lundy saying Donald Trump had announced his dropping out of the election, endorsing Hillary Clinton and that his campaign had only been to show “how stupid and gullible” are Republican voters, saying “I’ve been a Democrat all of my adult life,” Trump told a packed and boisterous news conference. “But I knew if I ran as a Republican and said increasingly ridiculous, idiotic, racist and sexist things that I would get a lot of votes.”

Lundy continued, “He had no idea he would be able to win the Republican nomination and poll 40 percent or better in a national race against Clinton.”

He continued in Trump’s voice, “Did people really believe that I could build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and get the Mexicans to pay for it?” Trump asked, “and that we could deport 11 million illegal aliens? That’s ridiculous. How could we possibly do that?”

In aside:  This is the most sophisticated hit piece I have ever seen in many years of media involvement. It is aimed at media as a weapon.  With 327 words it is two to two-and-one-half minutes on air; perfect for a talk radio show intro, TV news segment and fits an opinion page editor’s specs.  If this does not make the New York and LA Times it will be confirmation they are dead.  It is right down their favorite commodes.
Lundy continued turning the screw, “Trump said he wanted to show just how gullible the far-right wing was and how weak-kneed Republican leaders were,”  and in Trump’s voice, “Even after I made racist statements about that judge and attacked a Gold Star family, the Republican leadership continued to endorse me,” Trump said. “Man, what does it take to get tossed out of the Republican Party?”

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And, with all the art of a slim torero placing banderillas in a bull, Lundy struck, “He also pointed out that he had offered no real solutions to any of the country’s problems and nobody, even the news media, took much notice that “there was no there there in my campaign,” he said.

And for his final, fatal thrust, Walker Lundy put the beast to death with, “Asked if he felt any remorse about fooling so many people, Trump answered in typical Trumpian style: “No. They’re all losers.””

As in bull fighting, we may not approve of the sport but have to recognize the art of Walker Lundy.  He is the Prince of Snarkness.  He needs not a sword:  He has a sharp, lethal pen, but how valid are his criticisms?

Donald Trump has been short on the details of his dream for America in the way he should have been building.  You can hear “Make America Great Again” for only so long.  The Trump cup has been a saucer when it could have easily been flagon filled with the brew of real hope and real change.

Mr. Trump could announce he will cancel Obamacare, if he can get to the Oval Office before it implodes, and turn it over to the free market that has delivered more of everything to everybody than any other system. Nothing hones like the grit of the free marketplace.

Mr. Trump should announce a national investigation and coming legislation on hospital billing practices where they now multiply real costs by 100, knowing only those they can intimidate will pay having found they make more that way, but create heart attacks, despair and financial ruin among those they “serve.”  They have become evil.

Donald Trump could outline a 30 year bond issue to build the wall, how much it costs and that we would put trade tariffs on all goods from Mexico to pay for it.  We could offer to let Mexico participate and reduce their costs.  The back story of illegal immigration is that many of these people are “drug mules” carrying heroin which is now an epidemic in the United States and grossly impacting this generation.  Not only is our birthrate in decline, but now many of our kids are junkies for life!  The wall would put a crimp in that.

Mr. Trump could explain reducing our corporate tax rate to 15% would not only bring several trillion Dollars home, but would attract many foreign firms to incorporate and bank here putting more trillions of Dollars into our banks that would then be available for lending to American entrepreneurs.

The people need to understand that currency is only valid when it stands for something:  When a grain farmer puts his crop in a storage “elevator” and gets a “chit” for it.  He deposits that document in the local bank where the value is estimated based on the day’s closing price on the Chicago Board of Trade.  He can then draw cash on that “chit.”

The Federal Reserve seeks to validate our currency by selling $100,000 T-Bonds on the international market where other currencies stand for something from another country.  That way currency in circulation is based on, and limited to, the value of what the economy produces.  The error, if not crime the Obama Administration has been committing is printing money with no T-Bond sales and calling it “Quantitative Easing.”  About seven trillion Dollars of our national debt is such vapor money, but it will have be paid back with real money virtually doubling the problem.  There is a way out.

Only one of 1,300 US patents earns more than it’s fees and not because the idea was bad.  Most often capital cannot not be found to bring the concept to life!  Foreign capital overflowing in our banks could bring a new era of business development all by itself, create millions of new products, good jobs and drive the socialists back to the darkness from which they came as we deal with what they have created for us.  Mr. Trump can chart a course that expands our economy gloriously.  We are only 4.5% of the world’s population and 95.5% of them want our stuff.  Corn was our largest export until the green Democrats screwed that up with ethanol!

Mr. Trump was shockingly inartful in dealing with the Khans who lost their son in Afghanistan in 2004.  He should have said something like, “My heart goes out to you as a father of five I don’t know how I could deal with what you have suffered.  What I called for was stopping Muslims from countries where ISIS is operating as 70% of the people coming are young men, not families.  We must know who they are and their records.  It is true that I have not made your son’s sacrifice, but neither has anyone in this hall.  The men who are responsible were in Washington, DC and there I will do everything I can to see that it never happens again.”

Afterwards, he could separately accuse the Democrats of using the Khans shamelessly, but he “shot from hip” not realizing he is not playing “Hoppy” in a TV episode.

The problem Mr. Trump has is that he has been at the heads of too many tables of sycophants, kissing his fanny for favor and he is shocked when anyone takes him on.  Politics is not a boardroom and neither is the Presidency.  “You’re fired,” means nothing when dealing with members of Congress and the people he has in his cabinet must be treated objectively or they will be of no value to him.

Mr. Trump has to meet America gracefully or it is going to be “Dump Trump.”

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