Don Jr. Calls Out Hollywood Hypocrisy with Roseanne/Peter Fonda Tweet

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The liberal media has, for decades, been wringing the neck of truth, and torturing reality in order to get the answers and soundbites that they desire…and this has only gotten more brazen during the last 2 years.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the catalyst for this sort of incredible malfeasance, with bias no longer constituting a disqualification for journalistic integrity.  And while we’ve grown somewhat accustomed to dealing with the liberal lean of CNN, MSNBC, and others, their trickle-down discrimination against conservative viewpoints has now infiltrated a number of cultural avenues that are in no way constructive.

Hollywood has been a breeding ground for this uncouth and cockamamy cacophony of unhinged hate, specifically due to the fact that wealthy celebrities tend to reside in a realm of unrealistic invincibility.  (They may have even learned that attitude from Hillary Clinton).  This means that, as a celebrity, you are more often than not willing to say whatever you’d like with near impunity, especially in an age of hyperbolic hysteria such as the one we find ourselves in today.

Peter Fonda is no exception, having earlier this week tweeted about his desire to have the President’s son Barron “ripped” from his mother’s arms and placed “in a cage with pedophiles”.

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Classy guy, huh?

Now, only weeks removed from the immediate shunning of Roseanne Barr for her inexcusable, racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, Donald Trump Jr. is wondering if Hollywood will respond to Peter Fonda’s absurdly vile comments in kind.

And while neither Barr nor Fonda are to be excused for their behavior, the only way that we can hold everyone accountable is to apply the same punishment to each.  Roseanne’s hit reboot of her television program was immediately canned, while Peter Fonda’s horrific tweets have been receiving far fewer reactions from Hollywood and the mainstream media in General.

And don’t think that Americans haven’t noticed.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, Nicole.  I’m certainly not.


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