DOJ Redactions in #RussiaGate Hoax Prove Slimy, Self-Serving Scam

Few political observers worth their salt in America these days believe that Robert Mueller’s prolonged investigation into the #RussiaGate conspiracy theory is going anywhere worthwhile, yet the mainstream media insists on covering every minute detail of the probe as though their lives depend on it.

This could be more true than not, given the horrendous decline and decimation of the liberal media in recent months, kicked off by their own inept bias being weaponized in the wake of America’s conservative enlightenment.  These harbingers of harmful spin are the dinosaurs of our age, and they’ve seen the meteor called “The Internet” coming for a good long time.  They’ve chosen not to evolve, and are currently throwing a temper tantrum, live, on-air, for the entirety of their 24/7 cycle.

Worse yet, they’ve put all of their anti-Trump eggs in one basket as of late, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller working to cobble together a Kremlin boogeyman out of Trump lawyers and acquaintances.

Now, we can say that the liberal media does sometimes provide reality to us, but often that occurs only when they are stepping on their own feet.  Such is the case this week after a nearly redaction-free version of an earlier DOJ memo surfaced in the MSM, this time with some key names out in the open.  Unfortunately for the leftist overlords of CNN, The New York Times, and others, putting the two documents side to side revealed that the reason for the original redactions was far more sinister than imagined.

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It’s clear that DOJ/FBI demanded significant redactions not to protect national security or sources/methods, but to protect potentially corrupt officials from accountability for their actions before and after Trump’s election.

The Flynn redactions appear to have been done to protect a false statements case with no evidentiary basis.  Others were done to hide apparent conspiracy to spy on and leak against Trump officials out of spite over the election results.

In one section, initially redacted material suggests an investigation against Flynn that, per Comey, should have been closed was kept open because he may have *thwarted* Obama admin plans to provoke Russia into disproportionately attxkinf [sic] the U.S.

With that context in mind, additional redacted material suggests that the illegal leaks against Flynn were done entirely to justify continuing an investigation against him that the FBI had already determined was without basis.  This is not how the rule of law works.

The self-serving intelligence community has already been in the crosshairs of the American people in recent months, after a number of poor judgements have come to light, specifically from within the FBI.

Given the incredibly off-center story behind the entire #RussiaGate nonsense, and the continued failures of those who claim to be stewards of justice within the kooky Kremlin conspiracy, we can imagine very little reason for the continuance of this investigation.  Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the President agrees.



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