Dogs Turning to Pot Treats To Avoid 4th of July Panic Attacks

As the nation is finally realizing the many medicinal uses of America’s latest cash crop, one unusual application for marijuana is fully on display for the 4th of July.

Perusing social media on the 4th of July usually entails meandering through a series of similar messages being published in a myriad of ways.  There are plenty of important and poignant warnings about drinking and driving, a few about the dangers of drinking and boating, several PSA’s regarding how to not lose a finger playing with fireworks, a dozen of the best ways to cook a steak, and the obligatory notice that more pets are lost on Independence Day than on any other day of the year.

To our nation’s dogs, a battery of professional grade fireworks are not awe-inspiring as there are for us.  Our canine companions likely imagine that the world around them is coming to an end, especially if their owners are out and about, reveling on their own.  The prolonged sounds of a skyward siege may have inspired Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner, but they merely inspire our nation’s pups to run away from the sounds, causing a plethora of wayward furry family members.

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Now, in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, Americans are discovering a new way to destress their dachshunds during the big show.

“Yes, there are special treats infused with CBD (cannabidiol) — a cannabis compound — to alleviate a dog’s anxiety caused by fireworks.

“‘I don’t want him to be stressed out, especially over something as insignificant as fireworks,’ Bay Area pet owner Zugeiryd Garcia-Barrera said.

“At Holistic Hound in Berkeley, CBD dog treats are a big seller.

“‘The response has been overwhelmingly that it calms them down,’ said store owner Heidi Hill.

“While there is THC and cannabinoids from marijuana in the treats, it’s not like the pot people use, Hill said.

“‘The product we sell and what makes it legal is it’s from industrialized hemp,’ she said. ‘It’s less than 3 percent THC — doesn’t get the dogs high.'”

This marks yet another use for the already abundant plant that looks well on its way to federal legalization.

With a range of uses from dog anxiety to opioid addiction treatment, the compounds contained within the marijuana plant are becoming more recognizable as legitimate medicine in recent years, leading to over half of the states within the U.S. allowing some form of decriminalized or legal weed.


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