Does Donald Trump Trump the Constitution?

Here is where we stand as a nation, today, during an election year; mired in one of the most outrageous, polarizing, and bombastic contests in the history of our once-great United States.

Leading the pack on the left is a lifetime politician who is under federal investigation for overstepping the clearly-drawn line between work and private life, endangering everyone from her friends on The Hill to the men and women in uniform.  On the right, a “self-made” man, stuffed to the gills with inheritance and bravado, leaving no room for tact, class, or knowledge of our beloved Constitution.

The old “rock and a hard place” adage barely suffices.  At this point in time, America is stuck between an economic collapse and a nuclear detonation.

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And while our current President wastes away his few remaining months in office, appearing on countless television programs, parading his wife out into the public eye as a pedantic goofball sidekick, and generally just waiting, we are faced with the very real possibility of the first openly anti-Constitutional Republican nominee in any of our lifetimes.

How anti-Constitution could “The Donald” really be?  He’s a Republican front-runner for Pete’s sake!

How about his threats to shut down certain parts of the internet?  Sounds pretty contrary to the First Amendment.

Summarily deporting citizens, praising Roosevelt’s internment of American citizens into camps, and barring any immigrants of a certain religious faith from entering The United States?  You guessed it; that doesn’t jive with the promises set forth by our Founding Fathers one bit.

The Unstoppable Donald TrumpScarier still was his refusal to rule out registering all Americans on a basis of their religious beliefs, something that can only be considered more humorous due to his recent scuffle with The Pope himself over which of his ill-formed thoughts caused the high pontiff to declare Donald “not a Christian”.

These issues alone conjure up a terribly dark world in which Trump leads.  A world where all Americans’ private choices are part of a U.S. census bureau mandate, and where diversity no longer thrives.  America would no longer be “the melting pot” of cultures that catapulted us to prominence on the world stage.

But Trump would never be able to get any of these measures into reality, right?  We need not look further than our current Commander-In-Chief to realize that the checks and balances we all remember from 5th grade history class are no longer viable.

What could possibly be more frightening than The Donald wielding a congressional mandate?  Granted, many of those Republicans despise the man now, but bi-partisanship is a powerful thing and banding together behind a flawed leader may be the only salvation some of them have left.

What’s more frightening?  Obama’s legacy of executive orders setting a precedent for a Trump presidency.

As a nation, we would be handing over the keys to the Lincoln, full tank of gas, a glove box full of Federal Reserve notes, and a full bottle of power for the almighty Trump to chug as he drives the entire purpose of government into a wall of authoritarianism.

Can’t get that deportation bill passed?  Executive order.

Trouble with the internet?  Executive order.

Pesky Constitutionalists standing up for our way of life? Executive order.

We simply cannot allow America to navigate the ever-tumultuous seas of freedom, commerce, and human rights with a caricature of American excess at the helm, goosing the throttle any time that the whitecaps come rolling our way.  Americans have always been a country of people, angry at the injustices of the world, working together for the betterment of our society.

We’ve always lead by example, and cannot lead with anti-Constitutional rhetoric. To be anti-Constitutional is to be anti-American.

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