Documentary Filmmaker Exposes Sweden’s Higher Rape and Violent Crime Statistics in the Wake of Mass Migration

Ami Horowitz is a brave man. He has been confronting evil, hatred, anger, and largesse wherever he’s found it for years and he’s getting ever more aggressive with each passing year.

Just a few months ago Horowitz produced a video proving that Sweden had become a hotbed of violence and he was quickly mocked for telling the truth. Things escalated when President Trump cited Horowitz’ work inaccurately and the media leapt to attack both the President and the filmmaker. Horowitz took the attacks personally and decided to use them as the impetus to make another film reinforcing the first and once again proving that Sweden was suffering under the weight of the massive surge of Muslim migration.

The video was posted by Prager University and shows Horowitz entering the infamous “no-go” zone of  Rinkeby and interviewing Muslim migrants, local women, and Swedish police officers. All of his interview subject say much the same thing, and it’s not surprising – Sweden is suffering and the government is lying about what is happening in their communities.

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In Rinkeby, Horowitz and his film crew are run out (literally) of the neighborhood, then Horowitz lays out the crime statistics and shows how life is changing in Sweden, finally he connects with Swedish police officers who provide some disturbing details into how their work has changed.

The police officers then reveal that they encounter people wielding various weapons from Afghanistan despite the fact that Sweden has rather strict gun laws. The officers also reveal that officers typically don’t enter “no-go” areas, meaning that if they’re chasing a criminal suspect and the suspect enters the “no-go” area, the police don’t pursue the suspect. 

The officers also admit that the crime increase has been covered up by the Swedish government to avoid accusations of racism.

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