Do Conservatives Have a Double-Standard on the Constitution?

Since the unexpected passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the “conservative” world has held their breath. For most, the first thing that came to mind was that they would have to endure another liberal hack.

The question is not if Obama would attempt to get a justice approved, but how far to the left would they be. Therefore, many were glad to hear that the Republican held Congress has no intentions of allowing that to happen. But, what are we glad about?

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When so-called conservatives talk politics, one of their favorite arguments is that this or that is not constitutional. But, what if we took this same standard and applied it to this situation? Are we constitutional or not?

I have to admit, in this instance I at heart am not, and this scares me. As a pastor, I am sickened by myself and others who claim Christ but refuse to obey His word when it does not sit well with them. This is not how this is supposed to work.

So, if we believe that the Constitution is the best form of government, then how can we now stand and say that this great document is to now be ignored? I know the argument. Quit screaming at the computer or phone. Answer the question.

What does the Constitution say about replacing justices?

You see, this is why we as conservatives will never have much long term success. Until we are willing to hold to our principles, we can never commend them to others. And we cannot look to men like Ryan and McConnell because they hate and abuse our Constitution as much as Obama or any liberal. They do not want to follow the Constitution. I can say that because neither has ever put forth a bill to repeal all that the Congress has done that is unconstitutional.

I hope that Obama does not have the time to have a nominee vetted and approved, but according to the law of the land, there is no reason that he should not have that chance.

God help us either way.

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