DNC’s Wikileaks Conspiracy Turns Batty With Lawsuit-Serving Tweet

The democratic party in America is on a slippery slope to obscurity in 2018, and their inability to look to the future may be the final nail in their long-awaited coffin.

As the midterm elections continue to approach from just over the horizon, the DNC is somehow still focusing on the results of the 2016 presidential election, in which Hillary Clinton was electorally decimated by Donald Trump.  The incredulity of the democrats has led to theory after theory as to how Hillary lost, and even spawned a book by the former First Lady entitled What Happened.

The prevailing theory among the democrats is that President Trump colluded with the Kremlin in order to get Wikileaks to steal John Podesta’s emails.  That sounds insane because it is insane.

Now, to make matters ever more peculiar, Wikileaks is being sued by the DNC over the election, and that lawsuit has been served via Twitter.

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The Democratic National Committee on Friday officially served its lawsuit to WikiLeaks via Twitter, employing a rare method to serve its suit to the elusive group that has thus far been unresponsive.

As CBS News first reported last month, the DNC filed a motion with a federal court in Manhattan requesting permission to serve its complaint to WikiLeaks on Twitter, a platform the DNC argued the website uses regularly. The DNC filed a lawsuit in April against the Trump campaign, Russian government and WikiLeaks, alleging a massive conspiracy to tilt the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor.

All of the DNC’s attempts to serve the lawsuit via email failed, the DNC said in last month’s motion to the judge, which was ultimately approved.

The lawsuit was served through a tweet from a Twitter account established Friday by Cohen Milstein, the law firm representing the DNC in the suit, with the intent of serving the lawsuit.

Of course, the DNC might want to be careful about what they wish for here, as putting someone like Julian Assange under oath could do more harm than good for the ailing political party.

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