DNC in Philadelphia has #BlackLivesMatter Protestors Demanding Racial Segregation!

Tuesday afternoon #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Philadelphia proved once again that their worldview is every bit as racist and disturbed as the white supremacists of America’s past. During a protest, which included black, brown, and white activists, the black leaders of the march demanded that all of the white people move to the back (including the “white media”). Presumably, it’s because it is the black population that has been aggrieved. What happened to the days of the Civil Rights movement when Dr. King Jr. and the other leaders of the movement welcomed and embraced their allies no matter the color of their skin?

Today’s black protesters don’t argue that they have a dream where people of all colors can live together in peace, harmony, and understanding … no, instead they demand to have their moment at the front of the line.

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“White media get to the back! Black media come to the front!” 

“Excuse me, sir! Somebody needs to tell this person to get to the back. Go! Somebody needs to tell these folks to get to the back!”

“We are not afraid to put people out! White people to the back! Black people to the front!”






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