DNC Implosion Sends All Staffers Packing! Full Meltdown!

The democratic party is fully fractured after the embarrassing loss suffered by the corrupt career politician Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

Not only did Hillary take an electoral licking from President Trump, her entire career of lies, deceit, and collusion was snatched from the murky deep by the heroic leakers of Wikileaks and thrust unto the mainstream for all to see.  We learned not only that Hillary colluded with the DNC to sabotage the Bernie Sanders campaign, but her “charitable” Clinton Foundation was being exploited as a front for a “pay to play” scheme in which donations to the foundation would serve as a golden ticket to catch the ear of the then Secretary of State.

Now, after these revelations had previously sent heads rolling over at democratic headquarters, it seems that the staffers have been told to move on as well.

“The Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has shaken things up by asking all staffers to submit resignation letters.

“I see this as a major opportunity if it’s played right. A lot of DNC staffers who thought their jobs safe would talk if given a chance . Whoever gets the heave-ho is who I would target to become a whistleblower for any investigations I have going on that would implicate the DNC’s criminal practices and operating procedures.

“Democrats are loading up for 2018 and Republicans better be like raging animals by fighting just as hard. It’s no time to punt the ball thinking you have anything won.”

The democrats were an appalling disaster this past election cycle, with scandal after scandal derailing their every attempt to garner the vote of the American people.  Even with the mainstream media thoroughly in their corner, the left was completely unable to shake the shackles of aligning themselves with someone as incorrigible as Hillary Clinton – a politician so roundly rejected by voters that she was forced to cheat during the debates.


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