DNC Convention Proves They Are the Party of Haters and Veritaphobes

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, one of the largest teachers’ unions in the nation, was asked to speak at the Democratic National Convention this past week. Instead of addressing the failures of today’s public schools or why the US has fallen from one of the scholastically top ranked nations in the world to much further down the list, she spent her time spreading hate and anger concerning Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Weingarten told the DNC audience:

“Last week, we saw a festival of fear. Every day was full of hate and bigotry”

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She failed to mention that in Philadelphia, the school board voted to close 23 schools, largely due to financial reasons. In fact, Weingarten, who was busy accusing Trump of spreading hate, was arrested at a Philadelphia school board meeting for trying to block the entrance and for disrupting the meeting.

Weingarten is also a proud lesbian who has actively fought for gay rights and promotes the teaching of homosexuality to school kids.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President of the National Education Association, the largest teachers’ union in the nation, also spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Like Weingarten, Garcia chose not to address America’s failing public schools but rather attacked Trump for his statements on immigration. She even delivered part of her speech in Spanish to help win the Hispanic vote.

Garcia spoke about how she hears from kids that are afraid that their parents may be deported because they are in the US illegally. She didn’t address the issue that the parents of these kids violated US immigration laws making them criminals that should be held accountable for their crimes.

She failed to address the issue that Trump is not against legal immigration of Hispanics, just the flood of illegal immigrants who violate our border and laws by coming to our nation. What’s wrong with that?

Virtually every other person who spoke at the Democratic Convention spent their time attacking Trump for speaking the truth about what’s wrong with America. Most of them labeled him as a hater and spread hate and fear, but few of them addressed the real issues facing America and everyday Americans.

It’s typical for the liberal Democrats starting with Obama and Clinton on down through the Party, to twist and lie about what Trump has said on many issues. They don’t want to hear or tell the truth because it’s against their hateful and spiteful nature.

If you ask me, the constant lying, deception and support of criminal activity of the Democratic Party makes them the Party of haters and veritaphobes.


“Fear of Truth”

1. Displaying hesitation or refusal to admit or recognize that something is true, or to accept the concept of truth itself. Usually born out of fear of offending someone or being held accountable to something constant.

2. Dismissal of the existance of absolutes.

3. Degradation of people who profess something as true or untrue.

4. Being willfully in denial. Gives rise to constant skepticism and doubt of everything.

That is the best description of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the general platform of the Democratic Party. They are so afraid of the truth that they viciously attack it like a trained fighting pitbull.

The bottom line I take from the Democratic National convention is that all they want to do is attack and lie about the truth of what’s happening in America and in America’s public schools, rather than address and fix the problems. Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, it will only continue to get worse, if that’s really possible.

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