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DNC Under Congressional Investigation Over Ukrainian Vote Influencers

The longstanding conspiracy theory perpetuated by the democrats has been a sordid tale involving Donald Trump, the Kremlin, and a whole lot of collusion.

The left still somehow believes that their intrinsically flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton, should have won the 2016 election against now-President Donald Trump.  After all, Clinton rode into the contest on an air of inevitability, bolstered by the nonchalant attitudes of her peers – not the least of whom was then-President Barack Obama.  Instead, the consistently corrupt Clinton was shown the door by Americans’ overwhelming conservative uprising, as they chose instead to elect Trump…despite Clinton’s best efforts to delegitimize the businessman-turned-politician.

Now, even 8 months after Trump has taken office, the left is continuing to attempt a pathetic pinning of Russian influence on the President’s electoral evisceration of Clinton.  Their unending allegations about the Kremlin’s involvement with the Trump campaign are not only completely baseless, but have worked to push the democratic voter base to radicalization, with violent incidents occurring around the nation as the left openly calls for a coup.

Now, however, the already-corrupt DNC is facing yet another congressional investigation, as their ties to a Ukrainian vote-influencing scheme comes to light.

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“Republicans in Congress have joined the White House in asking questions about the extent to which a Democratic Party consultant may have worked with Ukrainian officials to hurt then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential bid last year.

“Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote a letter earlier this week to the Justice Department asking whether the Democratic National Committee broke the law. Grassley, R-Iowa, specifically asked if the DOJ was investigating Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American DNC consultant who allegedly had meetings at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C., to discuss incriminating information about Trump campaign officials.

“President Trump, trying furiously to tamp down the controversy over alleged Russian coordination with his associates, has questioned why the same scrutiny is not being applied to the Democrats’ alleged Ukraine connection.

“In a Tuesday tweet, he complained about the lack of an investigation into Ukraine efforts to ‘sabotage’ his campaign.

“’Chalupa’s actions appear to show that she was simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign government, Ukraine, and on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign, in an effort to influence not only the U.S. voting population but U.S. government officials,’ Grassley wrote to Rosenstein, claiming that if that were the case, Chalupa would have been required under law to register under FARA.”

The situation with Chalupa has once again reiterated just how hypocritical the American political left can be.

Given that the democrats themselves have already been caught cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nomination in 2016, further evidence of collusion in the contest doesn’t seem far out of place.  Now, the left will once again need to rely on their stranglehold of the mainstream media to attempt to bury these revelations before their already-disenfranchised voter base finds yet another reason to abandon ship.

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