Brett Kavanaugh

Divisive Politics Take Center Stage in Kavanaugh Clashes at Capitol

While we have certainly covered the subject in-depth before, it certainly begs to be mentioned again this week:  The left is tricking you into hating everyone.

Don’t believe me?  You don’t have to.  Just take a look at the scene outside of the Capitol this week as Brett Kavanaugh attempts to state his case for innocence after being alleged of attempted sexual assault.

Outside the Dirksen Senate Office building on Thursday morning, Cameron Mixon, a 22-year-old Georgetown Law School student was sporting a T-shirt with the slogan: “Men Are Trash.”

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“I love your shirt!” one woman told Mixon. “It’s amazing,” another agreed. By 9:30 a.m., Mixon said, about 20 people had asked to take photos next to her.

Even by the super-charged standards of American politics, passions were red lining on Capitol Hill Wednesday for the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on an allegation of a 1980s sexual assault that has placed Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination in grave danger.

“Kava-No!” shouted the protesters who marched Thursday morning from the steps of the Supreme Court to the Dirksen Senate office building, where the target of their ire would soon face a kind of political trial. ““We believe Anita Hill! We believe Christine Ford!”

But just as America is divided on Kavanaugh’s fate, so were the activists, protesters and counter-protesters on Capitol Hill Thursday as some of the most explosive social and political dynamics of the Trump era collided in the form of a nationally-televised spectacle complete with anger, tears and the future of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Not only has the poor timing and handling of this sensitive issue caused republicans and democrats to be at each others’ throats, but men and women as well.

This is simply unbelievable to a man such as myself, who, on a personal level has nothing but empathy for the victims of sexual assault.  I live in a nation where freedom and equality are the cornerstones of society, and to see our nation divided down the gender line just reeks of political chicanery to me.

No matter the outcome of the Brett Kavanaugh case, I can only hope that the discussion surrounding the turbulence can ignite a national conversation between wives and husbands, sons and fathers, daughters and mothers, and every other conceivable combination of human beings in our country.  This isn’t the time to turn to one another with venom or anger, rather, it is a time in which we should be embracing the ethos of the founders of these United States, and reaching out to one another in equality and empathy.

The left constantly decries “not my President”, making millions off of the slogan in t-shirts and bumper stickers.

Well this isn’t my America, folks.  In my America, equality means something.  In my America, neither men nor women are “trash” – only trashy individuals.

Tonight, I pray for us all.

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