Disturbing New ISIS Propaganda Shows Kindergartner Assisting with Beheading

The atrocities being attributed to radical Islamic terror group ISIS have reached a sickening new plateau, as evidenced by their latest piece of propaganda.

ISIS, known previously for their unfortunately effective work in securing huge tracts of land within the power vacuum of the Middle East, has transformed what was once aggression against the west, freedom, and democracy, to an all-out holy war against Christianity.  Stating unequivocally that the terrorist organization is hoping to eradicate any and all “worshipers of the Cross”, the horrific group has now stooped to new lows in the indoctrination of future jihadists.

“A horrifying new Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS’s propaganda video appears to show a six-year-old child assisting in a double beheading of captured prisoners.

“The boy, seen on a black headscarf and camouflaged army gear, delivers a speech to camera while holding out two knives.

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“With the blade balanced in his hands, he asks that the terrorists who butcher the victims are given peace by the Prophet Muhammad and Allah before delivering the chilling line, ‘The infidel and his killer never meet in hell.’

“Two executioners then walk past him and each takes a knife before beheading their prisoners in Syria.”

The Islamic State has consistently pushed the limits of what many American believe terrorism can truly be, with many in the media coining a new phrase for these atrocities:  Horrorism.  Now that ISIS has finally admitted that they are not interested in any sort of political gain through the use of these heinous actions, but, instead, are looking to install Islam as the only religion on the planet, there is no mistaking them for your average terrorist.  This is a new face of evil that the world must face.

Even more troubling is ISIS’ global spread.  By turning Syria into an international hellhole, ISIS has prompted many first world nations to suspend their standard national security measures in order to process refugees fleeing the violence there.  In this hasty mass immigration, ISIS has been able to move their operatives around the globe with relative ease.  The effects of this have been absolutely devastating for countries such as France, Germany, and Sweden, who have been bearing the brunt of international terror ever since.

Also, by strategically choosing Syria as their de facto headquarters, ISIS has brilliantly positioned themselves in the center of a three way fight between the United States, Russia, and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.  Intervention by the United States will be met with an international defiance, leaving ISIS to operate with only the Syrians and Russians to contend with.  As an added bonus for the heinous group, U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent airstrike against Assad’s forces at Sharyat airfield had the added effect of ramping up Russian aggression against the United States, taking the focus away from the clandestine-operating terror network for the time being.


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