Distractions, Distractions, It’s ALL Distractions

It is almost as if we’re watching a performance by the great illusionist and escape artist Harry “Handcuff” Houdini, himself.  Add in some sleight of hands here, a little contortionist move there, sprinkled with one rumor after another and you have our 2016 Presidential Election. All of it amounts to one thing, really, DISTRACTIONS!

Adrenaline-charged distractions.  But, distractions, nonetheless.

Perhaps to the undecided, these distractions are not distractions at all.  Perhaps, they are the revelations they’ve been looking for to help decide for whom they will vote.  Maybe, to the Democrat voter who was already highly dissatisfied with their party’s nomination, the FBI’s announcement to reopen Hillary’s email investigation is their coup de grace – the deathblow from which not even a Democrat could recover.

But, to the rest of us, most of what we are seeing these last several weeks, and will undoubtedly see more of as we wind down to November 8th, is nothing more than distractions.  Stay focused.  Between awaiting the Fed’s next move, to WikiLeaks next data dumb, to watching one senior Democrat operative after another either jump ship, come under investigation, or get fired, there’s enough going on to make even an emotionally balanced person feel bi-polar.  Stay focused.  Social media pages are littered with one conspiracy theory after another – is the election rigged, is Obama setting us up to halt the elections, is there a mutiny within the ranks of the FBI, will Hillary be arrested this week or next, Huma’s Iran connection, one prophetic utterance after another, is Google and Facebook censoring Conservatives, and it goes on and on.  Stay focused.  Perhaps there is some Truth, even much Truth, in the aforementioned.  But, the obsession over any of it, the continuous probing brings what?  Greater clarity or anxiety?   Reassurance or fear?  Joy or depression?

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None of what is being said is to encourage ignorance.  America is, literally, perishing because of our ignorance, our lack of knowledge.  Instead, the call is to lift our chin just a tad bit above the noise.  To see and not see at the same time.  To hear the chattering and not be disturbed or distracted.  Between now and November 8th, America is going to need resolute minds that are focused on an unbendable vision to Make America Great Again.  After the elections, America will need this steadfast determination, all the more.  Our great country is not just bruised.  It is broken.  It is battered, almost, beyond recognition.  One thing is for sure, the uncovering of these leaks have solidified just how far America has drifted from its Founding.  The wool has been pulled back.  Many of the things that were done in darkness have now been brought to light.  It will take men and women of sound minds to fight against what those in power, both Democrats and Republicans, will try to feed us with once the election is over.  They will present us with horse manure and call it licorice.  It will take steady hands to guide America back on track…whatever that will look like.  Our minds cannot be so distracted that we can’t rightly discern the difference between a good idea and a bad one, between candy and dung.  Stay focused, get your rest, and see you at the polls.

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