Disney Rocked By Child Sex Scandal As America Faces Abuse Awakening

It may seem like America has a sexual predator lurking in every nook and cranny of society as of late, with even the supposedly safest of places teeming with the vile vermin.

The media, both in Hollywood and on the small screen, have been absolutely rife with accusations of sexual misconduct among its most powerful players.  In many ways, this is where the entire harassment revolution began thanks to the improbable downfall of democratic donor and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.  With Americans finally taking allegations against this Tinseltown tyrant seriously, the door was opened for other big names to be outed in earnest.

Worse than the already horrific harassment being detailed by a number of victims within the media are reports of children being involved with these horrific and hellish abusers.  Even more damning still are reports from inside organizations such as The Disney Company that detail horrendous behavior aimed directly at these school-aged children.

“A music executive at Disney was charged Wednesday for alleged sexual misconduct with a child and has been suspended from work without pay, Variety reported.

“Jon Heely, 58, director of music publishing at the company, faces three counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child, the outlet said. The charges follow his Nov. 16 arrest, the report said.

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“According to the report, Heely allegedly sexually abused two girls about 10 years ago. At the time, one girl was said to be 15 while the other was reportedly pursued from when she was 11 to 15 years old, Variety said.

“’Immediately upon learning of this situation tonight, he has been suspended without pay until the matter is resolved by the courts,’ a spokesman for Disney told Variety.”

While Heely has adamantly vowed that he is innocent, this report is bolstering a number of hardcore conspiracy theorists on websites such as 4Chan and Reddit who believe that a massive pedophilia ring is about to be uncovered within the upper echelon of U.S. wealth and power.

The supposed “#PizzaGate” conspiracy theory has been around for some time, claiming that the “Illuminati” or “the powers that be” are all connected via a dark and horrific underground pedophilia club.  The conspiracy theory had gained so much notoriety via Reddit that the site was forced to shut down any conversation regarding the subject, thusly intensifying the believers’ superstition.

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