Disney Director is Latest Trophy in #PedoGate Hunt for “Great Awakening”

Yes, I am fully aware of how much that headlines may seem like gibberish, but I promise that all of that nonsense will come to fruition, dear reader.

For those of you who are not familiar with the latest in a long line of Illuminati-themed conspiracy theories, welcome to #PedoGate:

The idea is simple, yet completely ridiculous.  The elite, the Illuminati, or whatever it is that you want to call them are all a part of a secret organization that preys on young children, either for sexual purposes or, in some circles, to conduct human sacrifice to some sort of Luciferian deity.  Yes, this is an actual thing that people believe.  In fact, much of the fabled “Q Anon” conspiracy theory revolves around the idea that President Trump and Robert Mueller are secretly working together in order to expose this incredibly disturbing behavior.

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Seeing as these fringe-theorists are basing their insinuations off of mere scraps of information, it becomes necessary to absolutely scour the media for evidence of this extraordinary theory.

In the case of Disney-connected director James Gunn, however, they didn’t need to look all that hard.

Warning:  Some of the language in the tweets below is incredibly offensive:

And it gets worse:

TheWrap also reports that Gunn “apparently deactivated his personal website in the midst of the online firestorm[.]”

One of the reasons might be the prior existence of a video on the site that, according to the site’s own url, was titled: “100-pubescent-girls-touch-themselves.” [Note: Breitbart News has not viewed the video, would not view the video, and will not link the url, even though it has been deactivated.]

According to the Wayback Machine that archives old blog posts, on his now-deleted website, Gunn bragged about receiving the video from Huston Huddleston, who is now a convicted pedophile.

“Huston Huddleston posted this video on my Facebook page with the note ‘I thought you’d appreciate this.’ My response: ‘Appreciate it?!! I just came all over my own face!!’” the post reads.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m done with Disney and Marvel for a while.

The idea that these pedophiles are about to be exposed is just another piece of the “Great Awakening” conspiracy theory, that encompasses #PedoGate, #PizzaGate, Q Anon, and the idea that Trump is secretly directing Mueller.

Care to take a look at the nonsense for yourself?  You can visit the Reddit page set up specifically for decoding these “clues”.


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