DISGUSTING: You Won’t Believe What This School is Teaching Kindergartners

A Minnesota K-12 charter school has decided to teach their kindergartners about “gender identity.” The decision stems from a student who attends the school who is a boy but likes to dress as a girl.

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The Nova Classical Academy principal sent out an email to parents back in October that informed them that the school would be introducing issues to students in order to “support a student who is gender nonconforming.” The email explained that kindergarten students “will listen to various books that celebrate differences and will be teaching children about the beauty of being themselves.”

One of the books that the kindergarten teacher would be reading to 5 and 6-year-old students is My Princess Boy, a book about a boy who likes to dress in girls’ clothing and do other “girly” things.

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Parents soon found that this “student who is gender nonconforming” was actually a kindergartner who attended the charter school named Holden Edwards, whose parents went public on a local radio station about their son’s gender “fluidity” earlier this year. When parents found out, several of them transferred their child elsewhere. One mother said that her kindergartner daughter was “traumatized” by this gender nonconforming classmate. According to the girl’s mother, her daughter would come home with questions like this:

“Our daughter—because she is a normal kindergartner who was raised in a family where we had some social norms regarding biological gender and sex—now she’s asking questions like, ‘How does a boy become a girl when they’re born with a penis?’ She has two brothers, so she’s wondering, how is this possible, as the boy is wearing a jumper and has ribbons and ponytails in his hair.”

According to Holden’s parents Hannah and Dave, it started when their boy was two years old and was fascinated with Beyoncé’s performance during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show. Hannah explained to radio host Jack Rice:

“I kind of think of it as life before and after Beyoncé. Pretty soon it turned into an everyday occurrence, wanting to watch this 10-minute halftime show. And he started tying his blankets on his head, and dancing like her, and watching his reflection in the fireplace glass. That was, I think, the first time I noticed. It started becoming less of ‘he thinks this is interesting’ and more of ‘I am being Beyoncé; I am being a girl.’”

In December of last year, Nova Classical Academy brought in Todd Savage (any relation to Dan Savage?) the president of the National Association of Child Psychologists in order “to educate the staff and community about gender nonconforming and transgender students.” The Daily Signal reported:

Multiple sources told The Daily Signal that advocates of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons—affiliated with Out Front, Gender Justice, and Transforming Family—attended the session. Five minutes before the event ended, parents said, the LGBT advocates lined the hallways leading to the exit holding signs that read, “We love our transgender kids.”

Amid these changes, parents have had mixed reactions. Some are very supportive of teaching little kids about gender identity. Others are concerned and have had their children transferred to other schools. Part of the concern was that since the school is K-12, bathrooms could be shared by students of all gender identities and ages.

According to some parents, the school bathroom policy as it relates to gender identity will be handled on a “case-by-case” basis. But in general, students will be allowed to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity. In addition, students can wear whatever uniform they want based on their gender identity, and others will be required to use each student’s preferred pronoun based on their gender identity.

H/T: The Daily Signal

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