DISGUSTING Ohio Schoolwork Exposed by Shocked Parents!

When we talk about the future of this very nation, nothing is more important that making sure that our children value education of one type or another.

This doesn’t mean that every young boy and girl is cut out for Harvard, Yale, or a Vanderbilt.  In today’s reality, vocational education is more important than ever with a coming shortage of machinists, welders, and fabricators on the horizon.

It’s not the cost of the education that matters – it’s the value of that education to the recipient.  We need every American man, woman, and child to understand that to better themselves, and thus to better their nation, they should adopt a strict protocol of learning something valuable each and every day.

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Unfortunately in America, that has become a difficult characteristic to instill due to the evermore lackadaisical and offensive approach of the public school systems, who treat our children like prisoners.

Now, one school in Ohio has taken an inexcusable step into absurdity with a salacious bit of homework.

A school assignment rating “Whom to leave behind” based on things like race, religion and sexuality was given to Cuyahoga Falls Middle School students, according to a City Council member who brought it to everyone’s attention on social media.

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio City Councilmember Adam Miller (Ward 6)said the assignment was given out to students at Roberts Middle School, 3333 Charles St. Roberts Middle School is for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

The Cuyahoga Falls Superintendent Dr. Todd Nichols issued a statement late Thursday morning that read, “”they were just made aware of the situation and are investigating.”

Students were asked to identify who they would leave behind if the “Earth is doomed for destruction.”

The assignment itself is disturbing to look at:


We can only hope there was a followup assignment that illustrates the extreme prejudice with which these decisions were to be made.

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