Disgusting: Media, Celebs Use Anniversary of 9/11 to Attack Trump

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Unfortunately, the media and too many celebrities disgustingly sullied the 17th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 as a springboard to attack President Trump.

The day started with satirical site The Onion trying to make a funny on the anniversary of the devastating attack on our country. The Onion is supposed to be making fun of stuff, granted, but its attempt this year as a bad one, indeed.

For the 17th anniversary, The Onion thought it was funny to feature a faux Subway sandwich shop advertisement with two sub sandwiches standing on end like the twin towers and a man flying through the air toward them. The fake ad slogan reads, “Fly on in for Sept. 11th. You will ‘Never Forget’ this deal.”

Aside from misusing “never forget” this way, the flaying man is uncomfortably too much like the photos of the people who jumped to their deaths from the burning Twin Towers rather than face burning alive inside them. The image is just too upsetting to use for a “funny” gif like this.

Not funny at all, Onion. Not funny at all.

Speaking of unfunny cartoons, like The Onion, Roll Call magazine also floated a “funny” 9/11 image. In Roll Call’s case, a cartoon by long-time cartoonist Robert Matson featured two ballot boxes depicted in Twin Tower-like positions next to two passenger jets that are about to fly into them.

This was also a swing and a miss for Roll Call.

But, this was the least of the outrages on the anniversary day.

Ignoramus, Trump hater and MSNBC talker Joe Scarborough was perhaps one of the worst examples of the mediots who used 9/11 as a means to attack Trump. Scarboruugh took to Twitter to go on the attack with a tweet saying: “Trump is damaging the dream of America more than any terrorist attack ever could.”

The tweet linked to Scarborough’s incredibly hatful op-ed in the Washington Post where this left-wing MSNBC creep robotically blamed everything in the world on Trump and illegitimately used 9/11 to do it.

Scarborough was hardly alone. Another extreme left-winger who used the anniversary of the deaths of some 3,000 Americans to attack America was the supercilious John Fugelsang. The so-called comedian (and what “funny” has he ever given the world, I can’t say) used the anniversary to claim that it is the U.S. that is the world’s aggressor.

“Seventeen years ago today America was attacked by zero Afghans, zero Iranians and zero Iraqis,” he tweeted as a way to criticize U.S. foreign policy.

Like Fugelsang and Scarborough, The Daily Beast also used 9/11 as a springboard to attack Trump — yes even though Trump was not only NOT president in 2001, but he wasn’t even in government at any level then.

The Beast decided that the anniversary of 9/11 was the perfect time to recount all the “lies” Trump has told about the terror attacks.

Then there were the many mainstream media cretins who decided that Trump didn’t care about the thousands of Americans killed by Islamist terrorists because he dared to tweet about things other than 9/11 on the same day he tweeted about 9/11.

For instance, the risible Chris Cilizza of CNN jumped to Twitter to attack Trump for his viewing habits early on 9/11/2018.

“No big deal — just the president of the United States watching a taped Fox Business Channel show on the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and with a massive hurricane moving toward the east coast…”

Of course, the BS here was that just as Cilizza was tweeting that his own station was airing a story about Trump’s approval ratings while ignoring the fact that Vice President Pence was at that very moment paying tribute to those who died at the Pentagon on 9/11.

MSNBC hostette Nicolle Wallace also attacked Trump for Tweeting about things other than 9/11:

These two weren’t alone, of course. Dozens of others jumped in to attack Trump as if he didn’t attend memorial services and didn’t tweet about the fallen — but of course he did, not that these liberal scribes for the Democrat Party who are pretending to be journalists noticed.

Trump tweeted plenty about 9/11 that day and also attended memorial programs that were scheduled for later in the day, so, the left’s complaint about that early tweet is a big “so what?”

In anycase, the whole day was like this. Liberals, the media, and so-called entertainers all using the deaths of 3,000 Americans as a springboard to attack Trump.

A more disgusting display of inappropriate, anti-Americanism if there ever was one.

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