DISGUSTING: Liberals Fall in Love with Sister of North Korean Dictator at Winter Olympics

The liberal media simply fell in love at the Winter Olympics at PyeongChang, South Korea last week. What athlete raised their temperatures, you ask? Nope, it’s not an athlete. The media fell in love with the pretty sister of North Korean mass murderer Kim Jong-un. And the Olympics haven’t seen this sort of love fest since the liberal media fell in love with the murderous Nazi regime when it hosted the games back in the 1930s.

Liberal commentators on TV, columnists in the left-wing media, and lefty radio reporters went mad for Kim Yo-jong who was sent to South Korea to represent the tyrannical North Korean regime by her dictator brother Kim Jong-un.

Yo-jong is a pretty, lightly freckle-faced, little thing who smiles slyly, claps approvingly, and by all appearances seems like a pleasant dictatorette. She is Kim Jong-un’s baby sister, but far from a preening innocent. Yo-jong is the head of one of her brother’s propaganda departments and is also concerned with counter-intelligence. She is one of her brother’s top advisers and is up to her pretty neck in the monstrous actions her government perpetrates.

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But, gosh, doesn’t she look like a K-Pop star…

The media has become quite taken by her, anyway, despite her inhuman work back home.

The New York Times, for one, revived the spirit of Walter Duranty — the scumbag lover of the murderous Soviet regime from the 1930s — by celebrating the sister of a dictator who is systematically murdering his citizens.

In a February 11 piece, for instance, the so-called “paper of record” beamed with a hero-worshiping piece entitled, “Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns on the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight.”

First of all, Vice President Mike Pence didn’t go to PyeongChang looking for a spotlight. He just went there to represent the U.S. just like the officials of every other country.

Anyway, the paper wasn’t the only left-wing outlet to go gaga for the murderous sister. The Washington Post also slobbered all over itself in devotion to the tiny dictator calling Yo-jong “The Ivanka of North Korea.”

In its February 10 piece, the Post gushed that Yo-jong had “captivated people in the south at the Olympics.”

CNN’s heart also skipped a beat with a February 10 piece excitedly noting how “Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics.”

CNN treated Yo-Jong like a pop star, certainly, with a puff piece insisting, “With a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea’s presidential guest book, Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public just one day into the PyeongChang Games.”

The adulation was all too much for Fox News’ Ed Henry who said in exasperation, “This is disgusting, [CNN is] sucking up to the sister of this brutal dictator!”

Those above are but a tiny selection of the liberal reaction to the woman who runs the North Korean “Propaganda and Agitation Department” when she isn’t smiling prettily at the Olympics.

Some people are sensibly appalled by this liberal fawning over an actual dictator. Indeed, the last time the left-wing press got this excited was when Adolf frikking Hitler hosted the Olympics in 1936. Liberals sure loved them some Hitler back then, too.

As America is wont to do, many took to Twitter to express their disgust over the left-wing media’s teenaged romance with Kim Yo-jong, Twitchy reported.

Sadly, I guess it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that the left-wing media has fallen in love with the pretty, pint-sized murderer of millions. This is the world liberals have made.

Finally, I do have one last question for liberals over this whole Olympics thing. If you liberals can’t stand the idea that the United States of America is a country with borders and laws, then why are you rooting for the “country” of the United States to win medals? Clearly you can’t stomach the idea that we even are a country. So, why are you excited for the Olympics? You make no sense, liberals.

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