Disgusting Liberal College Students Protest the 2nd Amendment in Worst Way Possible

Warning:  the following contains many vulgar references.

In response to Texas’s campus carry law, anti-gun students with a group called “C*cks Not Glocks” protested by handing out sex toys and chanting slogans such as “Take it and Come.”

Obviously, not everyone was on board with Texas’s recent campus carry law that went into effect earlier this month. The law allows students and faculty to carry concealed handguns on campus into buildings, dorms, and classrooms.

Rules may vary from college to college, and even from professor to professor. Fox News reported at the time the law went into effect:

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For example, at the University of Texas at Austin, teachers will be allowed to declare their offices as gun-free zones, but most will post signs announcing it. Dorm residents can have guns in common areas, such as dining areas and lounges, but not sleeping rooms, where no storage of weapons is allowed. Exceptions to the room restrictions will be made for visiting family members who are licensed to carry handguns.

The law has outraged some on the left, so much that they’re staging anti-gun protests in which they carry…dildos. Their slogan is “C*cks not Glocks.” They’re mad, because carrying dildos in public is not allowed, pursuant to local indecency laws. But carrying a gun is. To them, that’s a glaring inconsistency.

One student protester held a sign that read “Fighting Absurdity with Absurdity.” Below the headline were two drawings, one of a handgun, and the other of male genitals.

They think that it’s absurd to allow something like guns on a college campus, but to also disallow something as “harmless” as a sex toy.


Another sign read, “Guns in a Lab Classroom Full of Chemicals, Equipment, and People are Not Safe.” Standing next to the person holding that sign was another person whose sign read, “Alcohol, Parties and Concealed Carry do NOT Mix.”

A young woman wore a shirt with a phallic drawing and a caption that read: Stick it to Gun Culture.” Another wore a shirt with the message, “Take it and Come,” with a penis drawing. “Take it and Come” is, of course, a play on the popular slogan among gun rights advocates, “Come and Take it.”



The idea started with University of Texas alumna Jessica Jin around the time the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon happened. She was angered by the “non-response” of politicians to “do something” about gun violence. “I felt like, you know, what a bunch of dildos,” Jin recalled thinking. “They were taking the safe route and not wanting to say anything that would piss anybody off or be too divisive. They act like there’s no solution or steps that we can take.”

She then found that brandishing a dildo at school would be a violation of the state’s obscenity clause. At the University of Texas, “it’s a misdemeanor to openly brandish or distribute these objects that portray the human genitalia in turgid form.”

So, their anti-gun counter campaign was born. From City Lab:

At present, Jin has 4,500 dildos to pass out, most of them donations from sex-toy distributors far and wide. The majority, in fact, are shapeless vibrators from Singapore. Hustler Hollywood and local artists have also contributed to the cause. While Jin was previously housing the devices in a sympathetic faculty member’s attic, she is now storing the sex toys in a warehouse maintained by a local sex shop, Dreamers.

This whole campaign is not unlike other anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. They had an ad attacking the grocery chain Kroger for not disallowing their customers from carrying firearms. In one of their ad campaigns, they focused in on all the things that Krogerdoesn’t allow, such as skateboards and shirtless customers, and contrasted that with the fact that Kroger does allow customers to carry firearms.

I know these anti-gun students are trying to be shocking and make a really profound point, but their outrage is falling flat. You can say a lot of really obscene things at school, but you can’t yell, “Fire!” when there is no fire. Is that also a glaring contradiction?

A dildo serves no purpose in this context except to be obscene. A gun serves a very important purpose. On top of that, it’s concealed. No one is permitted to brandish a gun around on campus. If the dildo were concealed, there wouldn’t be any problems.

Just one question. If a person loaded up on psychotropic drugs came onto a Texas university campus with an AR-15 and a hundred rounds of ammo, and started shooting people at random as if he were playing a video game, what you rather be armed with: a concealed handgun, or a dildo?


Reposted with Permission from Eagle Rising.

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