Disgraceful Harvey Looters Targeting Firefighters in Storm’s Aftermath

While there are some wonderfully uplifting tales being disseminated from the heart of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, not all the news coming from Texas has a silver lining.

The massively powerful storm known as Hurricane Harvey has finally begun to move out of the state of Texas after days of pummeling cities such as Houston with record levels of precipitation.  The cleanup from this hellacious hurricane could takes years according to experts, and will likely go down as the most expensive storm recovery effort in the history of the United States.

While the storm’s weather-related damage is enough to keep Texans morosely busy for the foreseeable future, the dastardly human element of this storm’s aftermath cannot be ignored.

A number of individuals took to the streets of Houston in the wake of Harvey to loot, pillage, and plunder.  Stories of criminal groups posing as rescuers or ICE agents have filled the news in recent days, casting a second dark cloud over the already ravaged city.  Now, to top it all off, firefighters are reporting that they have been targeted by these imposters with gunfire.

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“On Monday afternoon, looters reportedly fired on firefighters and rescue personnel while they were conducting rescue operations. Police were forced to halt their own rescue efforts in order to quickly move to protect the firefighters, according to The Daily Caller.

“The incident occurred just north of downtown Houston at the intersection of Tidwell and Mesa. According to the Daily Caller, police said they had to divert rescue efforts to fend off the looters attacking rescue personnel.

“’We had firefighters out there helping people, and looters started firing on them,’ Houston Officer Joe Gamaldi told the Daily Caller on Tuesday morning. ‘We sent officers down there on a code 1 (which means as fast as you can) to assist, and they too came under fire.’

“Gamaldi added that no one was injured during the incident.

“’This was absolutely the most despicable and disgusting thing that you could imagine,’ Gamaldi told the Daily Caller. ‘That our officers had to stop what they were doing, high water rescues and saving lives, to deal with looters firing at our officers and firefighters.’”

This despicable act echoes earlier reports in which the Cajun Navy civilian rescue group was targeted by similar groups of cretinous criminals while attempting to save lives in Houston.

During any tragedy there are heroes and heretics who will war with one another, some with selfless pride in their community and others with a self-righteous need to make the world their oyster, no matter the moral gymnastics necessary to justify their actions.  We must remember, however, that Americans are good as a whole, and these bottom feeders in Houston are representative only of themselves and not the vast majority of We The People.

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