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Disastrous $15/hr Minimum Wage Struck Down in Major U.S. City


For years, liberal democrats have been cozying up to the “Fight for $15” crowd in order to exploit their throngs of millennial supporters who happen to be of voting age.

No, there isn’t some moral high ground that the left is pretending to have cornered.  In fact, most economists and financial experts understand that turning low skill jobs into high-paying jobs is the antithesis of what this country can afford.  The entire act of cozying up to these entitled young people is to garner votes.

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Now, one democratic mayor in the United States sees the issue for what it is, and has decided that her city won’t be part of the sure-to-fail economic experiment.

“The ‘Fight for $15’ movement faced a setback Friday after Baltimore Democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh vetoed legislation which would have raised the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.

“Citing negative economic impact of the legislation, Pugh said that the city would wait with other municipalities on the state of Maryland to act. The decision was not shocking, as the Mayor’s office has signaled that it was wary of a $15 minimum wage increase.

“The council meets April 3 and could overturn the Mayor’s veto with support from 12 of the 15 members. It is unlikely that the council will veto the Mayor’s decision, with the Baltimore Sun reporting that the coalition of supporter for the bill crumbled.”

Surely, Mayor Pugh also understands that Baltimore faces a plethora of issues that far outweigh the whining of a small, unwilling to work segment of the youth population.



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