Dirty Politics: In Georgia Liberals Stuff Mailboxes with Disgusting anti-GOP Flyers,Threaten Candidate with Powder

In the wake of the attempted massacre of Republicans in Arlington, Virginia, liberals are not toning things down in the race for representing Georgia’s 6th District. If anything, someone who is hoping for a Jon Ossoff (the Democrat candidate) victory, is turning up the vile heat.

Local authorities are saying that residents in Republican Karen Handel’s Roswell, Georgia neighborhood have been targeted by someone who is saying vile things about Handel.

The notes say:

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“Your neighbor Karen Handel is a dirty fascist cunt but I’m sure you already knew that. Take a whiff of the powder and join her in the hospital you Bourgeoisie motherfuckers.”



However, the story gets even worse.

The suspicious packages didn’t just have the disgusting note for Handel and her neighbors, they also included a white powder that was no doubt meant to terrify the people opening the packages.

When asked, Handel confirmed receiving the packages and notifying the authorities.

“This afternoon we had some suspicious packages delivered to our house and to our neighbors. The packages contained threatening letters and a suspicious substance. The police were quickly notified and street is now being blocked off. We will continue to coordinate with law enforcement as necessary.”

Oddly enough, Handel was among the Republicans to earn the ire of the now dead Arlington shooter James Hodgkinson. The Washington Free Beacon explained that Hodgkinson once argued on his Facebook page that Handel was a “Republican bit**.” “Republican Bitch Wants People to Work for Slave Wages, when a Livable Wage is the Only Way to Go! Vote Blue, It’s Right for You!,” Hodgkinson wrote on his Facebook page.

Handel responded to learning about Hodgkinson’s comments by saying that it was time for Democrats and Republicans to work together for the well-being of our nation.

“I am aware that the suspect recently made vile comments about me on social media. It also appears that the suspect targeted members of Congress specifically because he disagreed with their views,” Handel said. “We should not allow our political differences to escalate to violent attacks. We must all refuse to allow the politics of our country to be defined in this way. Now more than ever, we must unite as a one nation under God. It is incumbent upon all of us to work together in a civil and productive way, even when we disagree,” she concluded.


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