Dirty Bomb Threat Hits The USA! Major Shipping Port Shut Down

Radical Islamic terror continues to permeate all corners of our world this week, as the United States faces a massive shipping disruption over a possible “dirty bomb” threat.

A “dirty bomb” is one of the more serious concerns of those in the anti-terrorism community.  Knowing full well that a completely operational nuclear weapon is out of the question for radical Islamic groups in the Middle East, many fear that the next most effective option for these groups is a device containing radioactive materials, designed to be spread far an wide during a crude explosion.  Simply put, where terrorists would normally fill an explosive device with nail, bolts, and screws to create makeshift shrapnel, they would instead pack the bomb with chunks of radioactive material.  When spread far, wide, and thick, the material would create a health hazard capable of affecting an entire city.

Now, one U.S. port is reeling from a threat that such a device has been shipped to the United States from the Middle East, and it has caused the entire port to go into lockdown mode.

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“Coast Guard officials confirmed Wednesday the Wando terminal at the Port of Charleston was evacuated, and part of the Wando and Cooper rivers closed to boat traffic because of a threat aboard a container ship.

“Capt. Greg Stump, commander for Coast Guard Sector Charleston, said Wednesday local, state and federal authorities, including the FBI, were all at the Wando terminal investigating the threat, and port employees had been evacuated.

“Lt. James Zorn, spokesperson for Coast Guard Sector Charleston, said early Thursday morning the ship in question is the Maersk Memphis. The Memphis docked at the Wando port terminal shortly before 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“According to Capt. Stump, a YouTube “conspiracy theorist” made a claim about a threat aboard the Memphis, and authorities are investigating the threat out of an abundance of caution.

“In two videos posted Wednesday to YouTube, a man named George Webb claims there to be a ‘dirty bomb’ aboard the Memphis, loaded in Pakistan during a recent trip to the Middle East.

“According to online records from Maersk Lines, the Memphis did return recently to the U.S. from the Middle East.

“Between leaving the U.S. April 14 and returning June 12, Maersk records show the Memphis docked at ports in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Oman, Egypt and Spain.”

As of this writing, no definitely conclusion has been made regarding the possibility of a “dirty bomb” aboard the Memphis, but investigators are still working to comb the enormous vessel.

Threats such as this reiterate the reality that ISIS and their radical Islamic cohorts are no laughing matter, and are not to be shunned and ignored in the foolish vein of former President Barack Obama.  The democratic dunce was fond of a tall tale that purported ISIS to be “desperate” and “on the run”, when nothing could have been further from the truth.  Now, after 8 years of lax response to the terror group’s actions, we are suffering the threats of such capitulatory rhetoric in the form of these frightening new incidents.


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