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Dimwitted Durham Vandal SHOCKED When She’s Arrested

The nation’s radical left has long felt invincible to law enforcement, especially when it comes to their ridiculous “social justice” initiatives.

In their latest uncouth diatribe, the left has been hellbent on erasing or revising the history of America by completely eradicating any symbolism of the Civil War.  This stems from their unacceptable idea that the First Amendment should be limited by the emotions of others, and the fact that the most precious snowflakes in their liberal army cannot understand that the Confederacy was not fighting the Union simply to promote the continued use of slaves.

That may be a lesson for another day.

Earlier this week, a number of radical leftists, or the “alt-left” as President Trump puts it, gathered around a statue in Durham, North Carolina that depicted a Confederate soldier.  Then, in an attempt to get the perfect selfie for their social media accounts, these millennial miscreants launched a strap to the neck of the statue and, in one fell swoop, toppled 170-some years of history.

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Even more offensive, however, was their next move:  Holding a rally to demand amnesty for their crimes.

In an hilarious twist of fate, this ridiculous rally became the perfect opportunity for the police to nab the leftist vandals.

“A North Carolina Central University student found herself in handcuffs late Tuesday, after she admitted at an ‘anti-fascist’ rally in front of the Durham, North Carolina, county courthouse, that she ws the one who tossed a rope over a monument to conscripted Confederate soldiers and pulled it down.

“Takiyah Fatima Thompson was shocked – shocked – when officers arrested her and booked her on charges of felony participation in a riot with property damage, and felony incitement of a riot. She had been leading a press conference on the courthouse steps to call for amnesty for those who did the ‘public service’ of removing the monument.

“In case you were wondering whether the rest of the crowd understood the nature of crime and punishment, as Thompson was led away, her fellow protesters began chanting, ‘Cops and Klan go hand-in-hand.'”

While the service of justice does provide us with some semblance of hope for the end of these “antifa” antics, further education of the radical left is required.

First and foremost, these protesters must understand that their “antifa” moniker is absolutely and unequivocally incorrect.  By violently and illegally forcing a particular political opinion to cease existing, they themselves are exuding the very definition of fascism.  Furthermore, the repetition of history is a very real fear in today’s politically riled society.  The removal of our Civil War history only serves to embolden future rebellions and divisiveness.

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