Did He or Didn’t He: The Trumped Up Controversy over Trump’s ‘Sh**hole’ Comment

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It wasn’t the right thing to say, if he said it. But how in the world has this become the thing that the media has chosen to focus its attention upon?

There are people dying in mudslides in California, more Hollywood stars are being accused of sexual harassment every single day, GOP legislators are retiring in droves, Twitter, Google, and Facebook have all been caught red-handed in their various attempts to silence conservative voices, and Congress and the President seem prepared to negotiate a deal to deliver amnesty to the DACA DREAMers while also committing to serious immigration reform.

But instead, CNN, the Washington Post, and other leftwing media outlets are focused on the possibility that President Trump called a handful of 3rd world nations “sh**hole nations?”

On Thursday the Washington Post published a story quoting anonymous sources (of course) who said that the President got frustrated during a meeting on immigration when the need for protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and various African countries came up. According to the Post‘s sources the President responded by saying, “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?”

This is ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous for several reasons: First, liberals have been mocking flyover America as “sh**holes” for decades. Any joke told by the coastal elite that focuses on the backwardness of American rural culture always takes place in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia, or some other Southern Red State. We’ve politely taken the jokes, laughed at the humor and continued on our way. So it seems a little hypocritical for liberals to get upset if someone thinks a 3rd world country is a “sh**hole” but they’re perfectly fine when their friends mock our home states and communities as such. Secondly, these same liberals are hell-bent on receiving tens of thousands of “refugees” and migrants from these nations for the exact reason that they are horrible, horrible places. That’s why they’re coming here. If the nations bleeding the most citizens weren’t particularly terrible, they wouldn’t be losing so many of their own in these mass exodus’. Thirdly, if the nations are not as terrible as the supposed Trump quote describes, then why are we accepting refugees (Haiti) or illegal migrants from them? If they are not “sh**hole nations” then we should feel no remorse in sending them back from whence they came.

For his part, President Trump says that he used some “tough” language but that he never called any nation a “sh**hole.”

Interestingly, the Post doesn’t identify its sources as people who were actually in on the meeting, but people “familiar with” or “briefed on” the meeting.

The President then blamed the Democrats for attempting to create a story where none existed in an effort to derail negotiations and provide a subtext for their eventual refusal to work with him on immigration reform… and as an eventual reason to shut down the government.

Our President is prone to saying rash and ill-advised things, but he’ll usually defend his comments rather than apologize or deny them. In this case, i’m given to believing the President that the Democrats are attempting to use the media to create a pretext from which they can refuse to negotiate immigration reform.

It’s too easy, really.

The Democrats know that the mainstream media will believe just about anything they say about the President, and so all they have to do is make up the right incendiary comment and have it whispered back to the media, and then watch as the media outlets explode in outrage.

Once again, the mainstream media is playing the fool for their beloved Democrat Party.

Onan Coca

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