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Did POTUS Just Give Q Anon Conspiracy Theorists A Wink and Nod?

As we continue to drive our way deeper into the rough at the edges of 2018’s political fairways, a number of bizarre, yet compelling, conspiracy theories have come to the forefront of the online media.

Believe it or not, we can get through this article without even referencing Alex Jones, the man behind Infowars.com and avowed internet celebrity whose rants on “lizard people”, the illuminati, and Hillary Clinton’s long trail of bodies have long held him outside of the mainstream media.  Now, in 2018, even with as relevant as Alex Jones has become, he’s still steering clear of the so-called #PedoGate conspiracy, formerly known as #PizzaGate.

For those of you who aren’t up to speed on what I’m referring to, here is a succinct rehashing for you:

When President Trump approached the podium at his rally last night in Duluth, Minnesota, he paused for a split-second to gesture to a man wearing a shirt emblazoned with the letter “Q.”

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The Q on the man’s t-shirt refers to the right-wing conspiracy theory known as “The Storm” that has thousands of adherents online. The theory goes like this: President Trump is not actually under investigation for possible collusion with Russian officials in 2016, but rather he is secretly working overtime to dismantle a global network of Satanic pedophiles involving some of the most powerful global elites and to share information about this secret project. According to the theory, Trump has ordered top-level officials to disseminate cryptic pieces of information—known as “crumbs”—to a bunch of random people on 4chan and 8chan who spend hours trying to put the puzzle pieces together. The conspiracy theory has been spread by the likes of Infowars and by comedian Roseanne Barr, but some conspiracy theorists have recently begun to allege that the whole operation was compromised once the unknown authors of the Q posts started to criticize one-time Q believers like Jerome Corsi and David Seaman of attempting to profit off the movement.

Now, this is where logically, things get fairly spooky:

And as crazy as all of that sounds, it apparently didn’t stop anyone on the Trump advance team from giving someone advertising this theory front-row VIP access at last night’s rally.

And, for those of you thinking that the President maybe didn’t recognize what the man’s shirt was implying, this tweet from the rally should clear that up for you:

Of course, if this were somehow to be true, it would be beyond belief in almost every sense of the word.  An operation of this size and secrecy has, perhaps, never been undertaken in the history of mankind.

Or, at least if it were to have occurred, we just never knew about it.

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