Did Fox News Turn on Trump?

The recent Russia hubbub has caused an odd rift between two longtime allies – President Trump and Fox News.

I’m not here to argue that Fox News is reliably on President Trump’s side in general, I think for the most part Fox reports the News in a fair and balanced manner. However, Fox’s opinion team has generally been on the President’s side. Until Now.

After the President’s press conference with Russian premier Vladimir Putin the punditry on Fox News turned against Trump.

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Maria Bartiromo called it a “low point” of Trump’s presidency:

“It was probably the low point of the presidency so far.”

Fox Business News’ Trish Regan:

What bugs me is that Vladimir Putin is sort of getting what he wanted, right? Look at the state we’re in where we’re saying we don’t know if we can trust our government. And I think it’s a real question, we don’t know right now we if can trust our government. We don’t know if we can trust the FBI. When you think of this full circle here, Vladimir Putin got what he wanted because he has rocked us to our very core.

And even on Fox & Friends the President heard some criticism:

Brian Kilmeade: I will say this to the president, when Newt Gingrich, when General Jack Keane, when Matt Schlapp say the president fell short and made our intelligence apparatus look bad – I think it’s time to pay attention. And it’s easily correctable from the president’s perspective. Nobody’s perfect, especially in ten intense days of summits, private meetings, and everything on his plate but that moment is the one that’s going to stand out unless he comes out and corrects it.

Steve Doocy: A lot of people get confused – I’m not saying the president’s confused – but a lot of people are confused about the Russia collusion thing. There is a big difference between collusion and the meddling. The president says there was no collusion. I mean he’s strident in that. He says it every time. But, pretty much everybody and their brother, except Vladimir Putin, knows that there was meddling. So Brian to your point where it drives the president crazy apparently when it is suggested that he did not win the presidency on his own, that there was some meddling that helped him…

The criticism from the president is, from both sides of the aisle is, wait a minute – you were given a choice. Do you believe Russia or do you believe your own intel community and he had that answer which is puzzling to me because there have been a number of times when the president has said, ‘I think it was Russia, I think it was Russia, I think there was meddling.’ So, he had the chance yesterday – he did not do it. And that has got a lot of people scratching, and a lot of people are criticizing him for not being bold.

Abby Huntsman: Well, and you’re standing next to Vladimir Putin whose ultimate goal in life is to undermine our democracy. So it was that one moment that you had to stand up for your own country, and stand up for your intelligence community. And as we’ve said this morning – he did not do that.

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