Dianne Feinstein Admits STILL “No Evidence” of Trump Wrongdoing

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The media has been moaning and groaning about the possibility of collusion between President Trump and Russia since before the inauguration.

Stories have been circulating and rumors have been started but no facts have ever been presented showing impropriety from the President. In fact, more of the media’s stories have been proven to be bunk than have actually been proven to be accurate. Instead, what we’ve had over the last 6 months or so is a revolving door of inflammatory stories that seek to paint the President as evil, corrupt, stupid, or worse.

Senator Dianne Feinstein D-CA) is the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary committee and a member of the Senate Intelligence committee, as such she has access to all of the information gathered by investigators, dealing with these investigations. ALL OF IT. On Thursday she told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that even with ALL OF THE FACTS gathered by the government over the last year on Trump, Russia, Putin, the election, and everything else… there is STILL “NO EVIDENCE” that President Trump did anything wrong.

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Wolf Blitzer: “The last time we spoke, Senator, I asked you if you had actually seen evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, and you said to me — and I’m quoting you know — you said, ‘Not at this time.’ Has anything changed since we spoke last?”

Dianne Feinstein: “Well, not… no, it hasn’t. So, I would depend on this investigation that we’re talking about, that would bring forward any criminal activity, and, of course, has the right and the ability to charge people, select targets, look at them, bring about an indictment. And so, it’s a very big investigation, and I think somebody that’s as sophisticated as Bob Mueller is really the one to carry it out and see that it does not go awry, it does not overreach, but it’s what it should be.”

Wolf Blitzer: “So far, you have not seen any evidence of collusion, is that right?”

Dianne Feinstein: “Well, evidence that would establish that there’s collusion. There are all kinds of rumors around. there are newspaper stories, but that’s not necessarily evidence. And so, you’ve got the Intelligence Committee looking at it, and you will have the Mueller investigation going on, and it’s the Mueller investigation that would bring forward solid evidence on which you could base a criminal case and indict someone.”

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