DHS Chief Tells Liberal Senators She DID NOT Hear President Trump Say ‘SH**hole’

Once again we saw a disgusting, partisan spectacle masquerading as a “Senate Committee hearing” when DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appeared on the Hill supposedly to talk about her job as one of the nation’s top protectors.

But, instead of asking Nielsen about the government’s plans to stop Islamic terror, or to secure our borders, Democrat Senators decided to waste the country’s time by playing partisan political games and refusing to do the nation’s business.

That’s right, the Democrat Senator grilled Secretary Nielsen on whether or not President Donald Trump said that some countries were “sh**hole nations.”

During the January 16 meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee Nielsen was subjected to round after round of questions over and over again about the supposed comments that extremist, left-wing, Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin claimed Trump said during a closed-door immigration meeting last week.

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After a meeting on some proposed compromise legislation on Obama’s failed DACA program, Durbin insisted that Trump said that he wasn’t interested in immigration from Haiti, El Salvador or other “sh**hole nations” in Africa.

Durbin immediately ran to the compliant, left-wing media to proclaim Trump a “racist” (again). So far not a single person has fully backed up Senator Durbin to prove that Trump actually made the “sh**hole” comment, but the media is reporting it as “fact,” anyway.

In any case, to further push his unproven accusation against Trump, Durbin used his time in the Committee meeting to continue to flog his claims that the president used the slur and repeatedly demanded that Kirstjen back him up on his proclamation.

Kirstjen refused to do so saying that many of the people in last week’s meeting were using “tough language” on immigration. She even noted that Durbin’s favorite liberal Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R, SC), was also using “tough language” in the meeting.

But her repeated answers to the absurd questions about the “sh**hole” comment didn’t satisfy the Democrats willing to turn the Committee meeting into a partisan attack fest instead of sticking to the business of the American people.

In fact, at one point Kirstjen seemed to have had enough of the nonsense and told Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D, CT) that she had already answered the question. “Sir, respectfully, I have answered this question repeatedly,” she said adding, “I have nothing further to say about it.”

“She acknowledged several times that the meeting,” Fox News reported, “aimed at reaching a bipartisan immigration deal, was ‘very impassioned’ and said several of the lawmakers including Trump used ‘tough language.’ However, she said she did not hear Trump use the racially-tinged word or words attributed to him.”

“What I heard him say was that he’d like to move away from a lottery (based immigration system) to a merit-based one,” Nielsen said of what she heard Trump say during the private meeting last week.

But as we noted earlier this week Dicky Durbin has a very long history of telling lies in the service to the liberal cause.

So, when he says he “heard” Trump say “sh**hole nations,” there is little reason in the world to believe a word he says.

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