DHS Caught Hiding Report that Proves Obama’s Border Security Failure!

What if I told you that the Obama administration was playing politics with our safety, security, and money? Oh, that wouldn’t surprise you? Wait, the Obama administration has done this before with employment reports, Obamacare numbers, and information on the Benghazi scandal? I’m shocked… okay, not really.

Anyway, the latest Obama pre-election cover-up comes to us from our Southern border.

Republican lawmakers are furious that the report they ordered is not being released.

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“It erodes the trust as to whether the administration is being honest with the American people about what the threat is,” said Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., who serves on the Committee on Homeland Security and chairs the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee. “This should not be a partisan issue. Democrats, Independents and Republicans in my community want to make sure that border communities are safe.”

The report was requested by the House and Senate Appropriations Committees as part of the Fiscal 2016 Omnibus Bill, but has been shrouded in secrecy. Viewed by a select few in key administration figures, critics say it is being withheld because of its explosive findings, which could potentially benefit GOP nominee Donald Trump. 

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) completed a study early this year and found that almost 50% of illegal immigrants are NOT stopped at the border!

Fox reporter William Lajeunesse tells us that the final report was finished way back in May, but that “the White House domestic policy council stepped in and stopped it” from being released to the media and the general public. Lajeunesse also added that a source told him that the report was being held back because the Obama administration worried that the report might “help elect Donald Trump.”

Now lawmakers are pushing to have the real numbers released, but instead the DHS continues to use misleading statistics that overstates how many illegals they are catching. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center said the difference in what the government is reporting to the actual numbers is staggering. “The Obama administration knows that the number of illegal aliens successfully getting across the Mexican border is 158 percent higher than they are telling people. The administration has made fraudulent changes in the numbers to hide this,” Lott told Fox News.

Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies sounded a disconcerting note, “It appears to me that this research could have been suppressed because it contradicts the Obama administration’s narrative that the border is secure, and it contradicts the administration’s wish for people to believe that illegal immigration is a thing of the past.”

Fox News is also reporting that the report is in no way “classified,” but the chances that the American people will ever see it are slim.

The Institute for Defense Analyses report is not classified or marked in any way and can be publicly disseminated without restriction, sources said. But the chances of it getting out look dim…


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