New Civil War

“Destroy The Confederacy” Event Planners Warn: DO NOT BRING CHILDREN!

The latest warning from an anti-Confederacy group in Texas has erased all doubt that the radical left is attempting to start a New Civil War in America.

The first shots of this war were fired back in June when radical leftist and Bernie Sanders campaign worker James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on a baseball field filled with republican congressmen.  Hodgkinson had been extremely active in a number of violent, left leaning Facebook groups whose stated purpose was organizing liberals to “hunt republicans”.

Of course, Hodgkinson’s actions were unfortunately predicted after a number of celebrities began a campaign to normalize the idea of violence against our government, and assassination of the left’s political enemies.  Just weeks before Hodgkinson took his rifle to that ballgame, CNN personality Kathy Griffin posed for a photoshoot with an unnervingly realistic mock-up of the severed head of the President.  In the photos, Griffin is seen staring blankly into the camera, holding the Commander in Chief’s head like a trophy, emulating radical Islamic terror groups such as ISIS who have a penchant for beheadings.

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This repugnant extremism from the left has now coalesced into a campaign to erase American history, namely, the brave men and women who fought on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

The radical left is now actively employing vigilantism and violence in order to have statues, monuments, and even grave sites removed.  One such gathering of historical revisionists is planned for Saturday in Houston, Texas, and even organizers are warning attendees not to bring their children, subtly stating that their mission is one of violence.

“A Facebook post for a protest dubbed ‘Destroy the Confederacy’ at Sam Houston Park in Houston on Saturday warns ‘*Do NOT bring children.’ A group ‘committed to protecting Texas and Texas History,’ ‘This Is Texas Freedom Force’ (TITFF), says demonstrators plan to tear down a Confederate statue. They also warn there will be violence.

“The promoters of the protest tell potential attendees: ‘We will meet at Sam Houston Park (right in front of Houston City hall) to demand that the City of Houston ERASE THE CONFEDERACY! It is a STAIN IN THE FABRIC of our history that needs to be removed.’

“Another part of the post says – ‘*Do NOT bring children.’

“One of the organizers of the event, Black Lives Matter of Houston, tells protesters to meet at the ‘Spirit of the Confederacy Statute’ at Sam Houston Park.”

This open declaration of war on American history cannot be allowed to continue.

Once again, the nation is falling victim to the violent offshoots of the political correctness patrols.  These weaponized snowflakes have been exerting their societal outlooks on the rest of America for months, turning their disdain for the President into a hatred of all things conservative.  They have egregiously normalized political violence and retroactive historical revision, and are emulating the fascist ideals limiting dissonant discourse in ours, the freest of all nation.

For shame.

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