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Despite Recent Concessions, North Korea Still Planning HUGE Launch

While the rest of world believed that Kim Jong Un would be scaling back his antagonization of the international community this week, those in the know have an entirely disparate idea of the dictator’s next move.

Just this week, it looked as though UN sanctions and U.S. pressure had gotten to the madman of Pyongyang, with the previously irate despot offering a bit of a conciliatory tone toward neighbor-nemesis South Korea, who will soon host the Winter Olympic games.  Even Kim Jong Un’s outfit seemed to demonstrate his newly demure demeanor, as he was awash in grey tones – a symbol that he is working toward a kinder worldview according to some experts.

Now, however, sources on the inside believe that it could all be a ruse, with a massive ICBM launch in the offing.

“Kim Jong Un has ordered his rocket scientists to construct North Korea’s biggest ballistic missile ever, and the despot reportedly plans to launch the record rocket on the regimes 70th anniversary in September.

“The rocket would be outfitted with re-entry capability — a feat the Hermit Kingdom’s last intercontinental ballistic missile wasn’t able to achieve — according to a defector who talked to a Japanese paper.

“The defector, who was not identified but was said to be knowledgeable in the Hermit Kingdom’s missile program, told Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun earlier this week Kim laid out his plans during a meeting in Pyongyang on Dec. 11 and 12.”

During recent launches, the North Korean military was found capable of sending ICBM’s into the atmosphere at an alarming clip, yet the latest rocket showed signs of weakness when it failed to survive reentry into the earth’s airspace.

According to defectors and the boastful North Koreans, the next generation of ballistic missile will not only be capable of re-entering the earth’s atmosphere, but will also be powerful enough to carry an extremely heavy nuclear payload.  This is the most pressing fear for many in the civilized world, as Kim Jong Un has continuously threatened to utilize his atomic arsenal to annihilate the United States and her allies in Asia.

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