Despite Media Prophecies of Doom – GOP just Keeps Winning!

Over the last few weeks the media has rolled out constant cries of doom and gloom for the GOP.

The media has argued that as President Trump’s poll numbers continue to stay mired in a morass of partisanship, the rest of the GOP will suffer at the ballot box. Sadly, (for the Democrats and the media) this has simply not been the case. Once again, on Tuesday evening, the GOP candidates proved the pundits wrong and walked away from the election day with a BIG victory.

There have been four special elections held over the last few months to replace members of Congress that took positions within the Trump administration. In three of them, the media argued that the Democrats had tremendous opportunities for victory and that a GOP loss would signal that the American voters were tired of Donald Trump. In fact, the words “referendum on Trump” were used often by the media as they contemplated the possibility that the GOP could lose these special elections. The Democrats and the media thought the special elections in Kansas, Montana, and Georgia were particularly ripe for the taking… but alas, the GOP held on in every special election and their majority in Congress remained strong.

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In Kansas, the GOP ran Ron Estes (R-KS), a weak candidate that was easily tied to an unpopular Governor. But still the Democrats lost.

In Montana, the GOP ran Greg Gianforte (R-MT) an unpopular candidate who had already lost several other elections in Big Sky Country.

In Georgia, the Democrats ran the most expensive race for Congress in the history of our nation. They spent more than $30 MILLION to lose by more than 4% in a race they thought they were winning. Thankfully, the GOP voters in the 6th District had nominated a popular Republican with a long history of working hard for the people of Georgia, and Karen Handel (R-GA) handily defeated the carpet-bagging Democrat who had become the toast of Tinseltown and a favorite of Nancy Pelosi and Planned Parenthood.

While Handel’s 4-point victory is evidence that the GOP shouldn’t take anything in Georgia’s 6th District for granted, it should also be a worrisome sign for Democrats. President Trump won the 6th by just 1%, which means that while the President may have dragged Handel’s numbers down a bit, at the end of the day GOP voters gave her their support.

By the way, the GOP also won the special election in South Carolina’s 5th District on Tuesday and Ralph Norman (R-SC) will take over for former Congressman Mick Mulvaney in the House.

The only special election left is the one that will take place in Alabama to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate. The Alabama primaries will be in August and September, and the special election itself will take place in December. The Republican field is filled with qualified, popular, and enigmatic candidates and the primary race is expected to be far more entertaining than the actual special election (which the GOP should win regardless of which of their candidates wins the primary).

What does it all mean?

It means that the Democrats are still the minority party. It means that the Democrats just wasted a massive amount of money on races they should have known they were going to lose. It means that the Democrats will have less money to spend in the 2018 midterm election campaigns. It means that the GOP still has the numbers in Congress to pass the major reforms that they have been promising the American people for the last few years. It means that it is time for the GOP to get to work and for the Democrats to start rethinking their electoral gameplan… because so far the “attack Trump 24 hours a day 7 days a week” plan is NOT helping them win over voters.

Onan Coca

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