Despite Disasters and Leftist Violence, U.S. Consumer Sentiment Soars

The United States has endured a fairly rough few weeks, but at least one aspect of our American spirit has failed to dissipate according to a new poll.

In the months since Donald Trump took office, there has been a concerted effort by the radical left in our nation to disrupt our very way of life.  Where once the nation would come together to wish a newly elected leader well, Trump was given a far different treatment by his political enemies, and has been targeted not only with hopes of failure and turmoil, but with death threats and mimicked executions as well.  This has led to an wild shift in public decorum, and left a great many Americans feeling more than a little disenfranchised.

Then, on top of the leftist-born political turmoil permeating our society, the nation has been facing unprecedented threats from Russia and North Korea, as well as a number of natural disasters; most notably a trio of powerful hurricanes that targeted some of the country’s most vulnerable locales for such storms.

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Still, even throughout all of this tumult, the United States finds ways to succeed, according to a new poll conducted on the subject of consumer attitude.

“U.S. consumer sentiment unexpectedly surged to a 13-year high as Americans’ perceptions of the economy and their own finances rebounded following several major hurricanes, a University of Michigan survey showed Friday.

“The jump in sentiment, which was greater than any analyst had projected, may reflect several trends: falling gasoline prices following a hurricane-related spike; repeated record highs for the stock market; a 16-year low in unemployment; and post-storm recovery efforts driving a rebound in economic growth.

“The advance in the main gauge spanned age and income subgroups as well as partisan views, according to the report. Almost six out of every 10 consumers thought the economy had recently improved in early October, the university said.”
This boost in economic confidence comes at an undeniably business-centric time in our nation’s political history.
While Donald Trump is unequivocally an unconventional president, his reputation and record as a successful businessman has prompted an enormous boost in the way our country looks at our economic abilities.  With a proven winner behind the desk in the Oval Office, our nation looks poised to build on the strengths of our industrial sector and introduce marked innovations to the way that the United States conducts themselves in the realm of international trade.
With these outlooks continuing to evolve, we should prepare for an even greater economic evolution in the years to come.

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