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MORE Despicable Behavior Unearthed in Broward Sheriff’s Motley Crew

The seemingly unending saga of incompetence at the Broward County Sheriff’s Department enters its third week in earnest today, as even more evidence of complete and utter failure has been uncovered.

For those of you still catching up, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department has been engaged in a debacle of the highest order following the Valentine’s Day Massacre carried out by former Stoneman Douglas High School student Nikolas Cruz.  The obviously mentally ill teen, who heard demonic voices directing him while he slay 17 of his former classmates two weeks ago, had been reported to police and the FBI nearly four dozen times before his rampage, with callers informing authorities in no uncertain terms that Cruz was a threat to the school.

He was “going to explode” and “shoot someplace up”, according to those who attempted, in vain, to stop him.

The reason for the FBI’s inability to follow up with the lead has been chalked up to unadulterated laziness, with the federal office simply not corresponding with the Miami field office regarding Cruz.

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When it comes to the Broward County Sheriff, however, the story takes a darker turn.

In news that was broken first here on, the Broward County authorities had long been engaged in a campaign of lies with the Parkland school districts in order to artificially deflate crime states among student by simply not arresting or pressing charges against youngsters who committed crimes.  According to those from the region, this led to a lawlessness that may have directly influence Nikolas Cruz’s horrific decision.

This was, of course, compounded by the cowardly actions of Sheriff’s Deputies and the school’s “resource officer”, (a former deputy of the precinct himself), who refused to enter the school during the shooting.

Now, to put the proverbial cherry on top of this excrement sundae, we are learning of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s insecure and imbecilic instructions to his deputies and staff in the wake of the tragedy.

“In an ‘Ingraham Angle’ exclusive, Laura Ingraham aired a purported internal email from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office that directed employees to defend Sheriff Scott Israel.

“Ingraham said the email was given to her by a source and that its veracity was ‘confirmed’ by a second source.

“It urges all staff members to vigorously support Israel as he ‘find[s himself] up against a flurry of media allegations.’

“‘He stood with us, and now we must stand with him,’ the email reads.”

Truly spoken like an elected official who has seen some ugly material hit the fan.

“‘The focus should be on getting to the bottom of what happened,’ Ingraham said. ‘[It] shouldn’t be about saving [Israel’s] job.’

“Ingraham said the emails continue a pattern of defensive public relations by the department at Israel’s lead.”

Israel was also notorious in the area for a previous publicity stunt in which Sheriff’s Department vehicles were wrapped in thinly-veiled campaign propaganda for his reelection campaign, sporting enormous likenesses of the Sheriff’s face for all to see.


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