Deranged, Discriminatory Leftists Demand Segregated Music at Jazz Fest!

The Declaration of Independence does not say “all men are created equal, but give some people a few extra points”.  That’s why reverse racism is still racism.

This is part of the common confusion that surrounds the line between true compassion and forced empathy.  Those who are compassionate want our downtrodden fellow countrymen to find what they need to succeed.  Those who are forced into empathy tend to want to throw money at a problem to make it go away.

This is the liberal left in a nutshell.  It’s not about doing the actual ditch digging, but, rather, identifying those who do not yet have a ditch, promising them a ditch in return for votes, and then just giving them the money to dig their own ditch.

Not all of those ditches get dug, and not all of that money reaches the ditch diggers.

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So, when the left then attempts to lecture the rest of the world on how to treat people, specifically Americans, it is downright laughable.  “All men are created equal” does not guarantee you the equality of outcome, only a starting point of equality.  Then it’s up to you to pursue your happiness…another inalienable right.

We need to take all of this into consideration when we’re told what we can and can not enjoy about American culture.  Otherwise, we end up in situations like this:

Protests over “cultural appropriation” prompted the Montreal International Jazz Festival to cancel a series of performances, in which white artists sang “slave songs.”

Lucas Charlie Rose, a self-described “multidisciplinary hip hop artist” and “leader” of a global “black trans community,” organized protests against the festival’s slate of shows.

Entitled SLĀV, the series of shows is billed as a “tribute to music as a tool for resilience and emancipation” that brings together “traditional Afro-American songs, from cotton fields to construction sites, railroads, from slave songs to prison songs.”

Rose accused SLĀV’s producers of profiteering off of “black pain” and “slavery” as whites, and “co-opting our pain, co-opting our suffering, co-opting our history — for $60-$90 a ticket”.

The fact that this is taking place in Canada is not lost on me, but that’s an entirely different discussion altogether.

While the controversy seems certainly available for enthusiastic virtue signalers, the reaction to the performances has been downright aggressive.

So we are left asking:  Is history off-limits?  Where is the line on this?  Can a white American man listen to Kanye West?  What about Miles Davis?  Heck, is Eric Clapton guilty of appropriating Robert Johnson’s racial identity over in the U.K.?

Folks, if we don’t draw a line here soon, we’ll be living in an anarchic world of unsustainable anger.

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