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DePaul University Threatens to Arrest Conservative for Being on Campus!

Ben Shapiro is a renowned conservative free speech activist who has spoken on college campuses around the globe. He has been working hardest here at home, where campuses continue to grow ever more fascistic in nature and are increasingly banning conservative speakers from their halls. Shapiro willingly accepts many invitations to some of the nation’s most liberal schools, but is finding it more and more difficult to actually speak at the supposed “centers of learning.” For some reason, today’s liberals do not believe that ideas should be debated–they should simply be heard from a leftist perspective and fully embraced.

Shapiro (who does not spread hate speech, is not a racist, nor a bigot) was banned from DePaul University earlier this summer over fears that he would anger their puerile students. However, after being invited to appear with another respected free speech activist and scholar, Christina Hoff Sommers, Shapiro decided to press his luck and accept the invitation.

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Sadly, the moment that Shapiro attempted to enter the lecture hall he was confronted by campus security. In fact, while there were no protesters present, there were some 30-security officials prepared to arrest Shapiro and escort him off campus.

“I’m wondering why is it so necessary to keep me personally out?” asks Shapiro. 

“The bottom line is, it’s private property,” says a security guard, informing Shapiro that he will be arrested if he takes three more steps forward on campus. 

“Just to be clear, if I attempt to enter that hall right there, and sit down, just to listen to somebody speak, or if I attempt to ask a question, or engage in free speech, you will have me arrested?”

“At this point, yes, sir.”

Shapiro noted that there were some 30 security members for a “five-foot-nine, 165-pound Jewish guy.”

“It may be a mild misallocation of recourses,” he quipped. 

Instead of initiating an altercation, Shapiro and the crowd which had gathered to hear him moved their event off-campus.

It’s simply disturbing that American academia has become so inured in its fascist complacency that conservatives (even those who aren’t radical in their views) are actually banned from campus! This isn’t a Neo-Nazi preacher, not a Grand Wizard of the KKK, no Holocaust Denier, no defender of segregation or genocide… Ben Shapiro is a mainstream conservative thinker who speaks about the importance of defending the 1st Amendment. And somehow, he is “controversial.” It’s astounding.

Below is some video of Ben’s night at DePaul University:

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