Department of Homeland Security Looking to Arrest American Mayors?!

As Donald Trump continues to lay out his plans to make America great again, the campaign promisees he made during 2016 continue to be stifled by the liberal left.

While partisan politics aren’t anything knew, the rage and the vitriolic fervor that the democrats and their progressive cronies have shown during Donald Trump’s young presidency have been inexcusable, to say the least.  At every turn, our Command in Chief is met with anger, hatred, and a sense of impending doom that is being wholly manufactured by the echo chambers of the mainstream media.

This wholesale “resistance” to Donald Trump has not only been an eyesore for the rest of the world, where the United States is often seen as a bastion of democracy, but it has also stymied the delivery of President Trump’s campaign promises that were wholly endorsed by his election.  The American people want to restore law and order to our immigration system, (one of the tenets of the Trump doctrine), but, given the automatic opposition that the left has created,  democrats are now denying the nation what they asked for.

Many of the “resistance” rats have found themselves in semi-high ranking positions within our more liberal cities as well, helping to shape their leftists safe havens into so-called “sanctuary cities”, where the federal government will be obstructed by local law enforcement when attempting to enforce immigration law.  This bizarre and petulant maneuver is now leading the Trump administration to take drastic action.

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“Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

“’The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available,’ Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan says those policies put his officers and local communities at more risk because they have to arrest illegal immigrants out in the community.

“Mr. Homan told The Washington Times last July that he wanted to see local officials charged as complicit in human smuggling if they shielded illegal immigrants through sanctuary policies.”

Now we will surely be forced to listen to the ever-present screeching of the bleeding heart liberals as they begin comparing this legal turnabout to some historical figure whom they’ve never actually researched.  (Because, let’s face it, even the left is growing tired of the “Hitler” comparisons).

In reality, Donald Trump realizes that the only way to build America back up to her former glory is to start with a clean slate on immigration.  The issue is simply too divisive to have half-measures considered as solutions as the left has done for so many years.

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