Denver Goes Rogue: Officially Working to End Relationship With ICE

While President Trump is attempting to unite the nation under the rule of law, several locales are coming up with plans to “resist” the Commander in Chief’s orders.

This so-called “resistance” is nothing new; in fact, the entire infantile movement has been toiling away at plans to tank Trump since long before his first night sleeping in the White House.  Much of what the left had in store for the newly elected President has been depleted, including a maddening array of violent uprisings and unethical insults, but there are still a few tricks up the sleeves of the liberal lunatics.

Now, in order to further complicate the President’s agenda, and effectively tell the American populace who elected Trump to take long walk off of a short pier, the leftist dweebs of Denver are taking one step further in their “resistance”.  In this latest development, the capital of Colorado will be looking to cease all communication and cooperation with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE.

“The Denver City Council introduced a measure Wednesday that would essentially prohibit city officials from voluntarily cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

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“While most of its provisions simply codify existing municipal guidance, the four-point proposal does include one new policy: Going forward, the Denver Sheriff Department would no longer be allowed to notify immigration agentswhen an inmate wanted on an immigration detainer is about to be released from jail, the Denver Post reported.

“The city already refuses to hold criminal aliens past their jail sentences for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but the proposed law would take that policy a step further by preventing police from giving immigration agents advance warning that a subject is about to go free.”

Trump’s 2016 campaign ignited a long-awaited fire in the American people, with promises to curb illegal immigration and enforce the naturalization laws that already exist in the United States.

Of course, liberals are furious over the push due to the fact that they rely on these illegal votes to get elected and stay in office.  Should the President address the issue of illegal immigration, for any reason, it will adversely affect these built-in voting cliques that are keeping the democratic party in business.

Furthermore, illegal immigration has been widely criticized as an incredibly detrimental practice when it comes to our national economy.  These undocumented workers are not complying with U.S. tax law, nor are they contributing to society in traditional capacities due to their inability to provide legitimate paperwork.  By simply coercing these hard workers to assimilate and join the American workforce, as opposed to infiltrating it, we are guaranteeing a more functional version of our current economy while also protecting these workers from exploitation.

Simply put; if you want the rights of an American, you should become an American.


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